TB Joshua

For those who may not be familiar with the ministry of  Prophet T.B. Joshua, here is some biographical information about him and the journey of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations thus far from The SCOAN Website:

“God chooses grace rather than works (Ephesians 2:8-9).This means that if the weak come to Him, He would help their weakness just as He would help the strong. God knows we are weak – that is why He chooses grace. If God had chosen works rather than grace, man would have the autonomy to choose whom to help with his works and how to do His works.The battle would be for the strongest leaving no room for people like me. The race would be for the swiftest leaving no room for people like me.” – T.B. Joshua

TB Joshua

T.B. Joshua preaching God's Word at The SCOAN

Isaiah 6:8 – “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

T.B. Joshua is just one of those who have submitted to the will of God. He acknowledges that if God had chosen works rather than grace, no one would merit His mercy.In a sermon titled, “By His Grace”, he explained:“Wisdom in the practical sense of ability and skill cannot guarantee success in life. It is the goodness of our cause that interests God more than physical and mental disposition. This explains why the weak people like me who are without great strength, a smooth tongue, fast legs or high learning should ever remain grateful to God”.

Right from the onset of his incredible journey, the hand of God has been clearly evident in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. He was born on June 12th, 1963 in the small village of Arigidi in Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria. The pregnancy period of his mother was by no means ordinary, as the baby remained in her womb for 15 months before he was born. Significantly, almost a hundred years prior to his birth, it had been prophesied that a young man would emerge from the poor Oosin quarters and that God would use him mightily. Another remarkable event occurred when he was three days old, as a large boulder crashed through the roof of his house, missing the baby by mere inches. This incident led to his mother naming him, ‘Temitope’, meaning, ‘What You (God) have done for me is worthy of thanks’.

During his elementary education at St. Stephen’s Anglican primary school, Arigidi, he was the leader of the Student Christian fellowship. He was the smallest in the class but led the prayer during the school devotions and was known as ‘small pastor’. He was unable to complete his secondary education due to poverty.

Reflecting on his early life, he said: “I found myself in a family background that irritated me. My natural circumstance of birth was poverty. I come from a very humble background. Poverty loomed large in the family. The little education I had was through self-effort. I know many people with a similar circumstance of birth who did otherwise. They allowed their circumstance to influence their will. Their dreams crashed on the rocks of disappointment, failure and setback …In those early years of my life, we knew we would be blamed for what we gave our attention to.”

Prophet TB Joshua

T.B. Joshua recounting his life experience

Very early in life, he knew how much he needed God, so he did not allow the situation around him to affect his relationship with God. As described in his own words, T.B. Joshua recounts how he discovered the direction of God’s calling for his life:


“I was in a trance for three consecutive days, then I saw a hand that pointed a Bible to my heart and the Bible entered my heart and my former heart seemed to immerse with the Bible immediately. Then the awareness came and I saw the apostles and prophets of old with someone whose head I could not see because He was tall to the heaven and suspended, which I believe was our Lord Jesus Christ sitting in their midst. I also saw myself in their midst. After a while, I saw a hand of the same tall man, I could not behold His face, which was glittering with an unimaginable light, tall to the high heavens and suspended in the air. But other apostles I could see their faces, particularly Apostles Peter and Paul, Prophets Moses, Elijah and others. Their names were boldly written on their chests.

I heard a voice saying, “I am your God; I am giving you a divine commission to go and carry out the work of the Heavenly Father”. At the same time, the same hand of the tall man gave me a small cross and a big Bible, bigger than the one that entered my heart with a promise that as I keep pressing in His time and name, I would be given a bigger cross but if I fail the opposite would occur. I also heard a voice of the same tall man, I could not see His head, saying, I am the Lord your God who was and who is – Jesus Christ, giving orders to all the apostles and prophets. The same voice said to me, “I would show you the wonderful ways I would reveal myself through you, in teaching, preaching, miracles, signs and wonders for the salvation of souls”.

Since then, I have been receiving in my vision, every year according to my faithfulness to God, a bigger cross that means to me more responsibilities.

The Bible that entered my heart symbolized Spirit and life (The Holy Spirit). God’s Word is Spirit and life. He does nothing without His Word. The Book of Romans 8:16 says, God’s Spirit joins Himself to our spirit to declare that we are children of God. The Father gave the Spirit to make us like His Son.

Father, thank You for Your Spirit, fill us with Your love and power, change us into Christ’s own image, day by day and hour by hour.

God Himself performs the divine anointing on all who have the wonderful privilege of becoming His children (2 Corinthians 1:21-23 and Luke 24:48-49).

Obedient to the divine call, T.B. Joshua, started a ministry with a mere eight members, prophetically naming it, ‘The Synagogue, Church of All Nations’ of which he is the General Overseer. Today, by the grace of God, as a man of faith, he is both a representative of God and of people. The ministry started very small, but has now grown far beyond the shores of Nigeria.

Evidently, T.B. Joshua has come a long way, full of troubles and hurdles, but all the way long, there has been an unseen hand of God intervening in his affairs. In every situation, he has remained focused on what God has to say.

For those whose lives are centred in Christ Jesus, the best is always yet to come…

SOURCE: The Official SCOAN Website

The following information is also useful for those interested in the early life and ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua:


19 responses to “TB Joshua

  1. christopher rossouw

    glory to God prophet TB Joshua i want to follow jesus christ i want u to pray for everthig which go wrong amen

  2. george chishimba

    I dreamed the man of God prophet T.B Joshua last night,he was praying for me and feel so blessed because i have been looking forward for this opportunity of meening the man of God,now the time is here iam so happy and so blessed,because i know this is a rear opportunity for most of the brethren,God continue torching more people even in our dreams and may the Lord continue shawing more Blessings on Prophet T.B Joshua.

  3. Thanks very mach for God gives me the Man of God TB JOSHUA my only and only spiritual father. All people who are with him, Emmanuel there are with JESUS CHRIST in there heart, and there are delivered with there problems sickness poverty. I know that all thing are possible with my FATHER who is in heaven. I am very very happy right of know because he has done it again and again my FATHER,MY DADY I AM PROMOTED at work IN JESUS NAME AMEN. I am just using my auntie`s address my number is 0968375535. With God all things are possible.

  4. Please people of God, help me praying for my family and my son who is in the hospital right now. He had a Mine Accident a month ago at Mufulira Mopani copper mine. Please People of God help me to pray with my son in spirit and my son who is mental dis order. I know that Jesus is our healer and he is the one who make the way where is there is no way. AMEN.

  5. zewudu andualem

    I am from Adama University,Ethiopia. Please pray for me as I am in dilemma.When I try to approach the Lord through praying ,I am faced with many challenges from the devil that I can not resist. I that as there is no truth way except Jesus.but how can I come to this truth way? please help me in praying to eliminate those obstacles.


    I dream that Prophet TB Joshua gave me three bottles of the new anointing water and i was bless.I pray that i will happen in Jesus name.

    • saiman Ale Magar, Fonteinstraat -12 Borgerhout 2140 Antwerpen, Belgium

      Dear Pastor Man of God..
      I sleep 1:45 today and I wake up 3:00 o clock today and now it is 4:16. I just feel to connect your europe conference from Augut and onwards 2011 but I have seen many demond poccess people were healed in April 2011 in London. Which God is really working through you. I am really looking to attend your ministry if you are visiting to Europe. Because i have been failed whole life whatever good things i have deed and instead bad things coming always throughout the my life. it is not normal which i felt now. My memory lost and fully pain in my body and crow and birds they make a noise while i walk outside and people disapointed without anything and every good work i started, i brings visions and skill everything other people they use instead i have to be. it is 48 years almost giving me torture in my whole life and keeping me always -0 my financial status. all these seems to be something not normal in my life. i believe Jesus will deliver me but i need your cooperation to attend in your ministry in europe if there is any programs in 2011. Please do favour and pray for me i want to really change my life from this critical life. I am hoping that through your prayer i will have new life.

  7. Christopher Mweemba Mutinta



  8. Ndubuisi valentine madu

    Calvary greetings in Jesus name,pastor my name is NDUBUISI MADU, a Nigerian based in Ivory coast, i served one of my uncle in Nigeria from 1996 to 2004, after we settled i start my own business, but one year after, i found no progress, i rent out my shop and travel to Ivory coast with a friend, but since then things is not moving well, but sometimes in my dreams,i saw my self still a servant to that my uncle, i have attend many deliverance,fast&prayer programme, but it continued, please pastor i need your help, i have no body on my side except God, my parent died long time ago. And in my family no one is progressing.

  9. dear sir,
    i am a ghanaian but whatsoever it is i know we are all one people in christ.
    i by here appeal for a scholarship to pursue my tertiary education. i have been watching your programmes very frequently and have seen your enormous love for people. i am not just capable of seeing my career through due to overwhelming conditions at home. my parents are financially incapable and i have made efforts to apply for scholarships but all was in vain. coming to know someone like you regarding your spiritual background and others makes me really happy and wanting to draw closer to you. making a sincere appeal to someone like you makes me confident without wavering. i hope without hesitation but with love everything through christ shall be met. i certainly cannot put down all my problems but i know an inspirational man like you can feel the way i am feeling now.may his glory be with you till times indefinite AMEN.

  10. desril

    Please pastor pray for me Im in need of a child and right now i dont know what happening with me im not pregnant but my monthly periods had stopped. Im so so scared. pls help….

  11. Fiona Oyet

    hi man of God i am a born again christian but i need you to pray for me my partner is not a born again and i love him so much.Pray that God may visit him in a special way.that God pray strengthen me in situation i am going through

  12. Nebo Netty Masoto

    Dady! you will always be my spiritual father i love you so much you rescured my life i want you to join my family,i love you dady may God bless you in jesus name amen.

  13. Blessing Eniyebo.

    I just want 2 say I love you. Emmanuel!!!

  14. anna s n amupolo


  15. Nkosinathi Nkosi

    Prophet T.B. Joshua is my role model and Benson idahosa too !

  16. saudat issaka

    i love you tb joshua, may the good lord contenue to use you to save souls . please be part of my family. God bless you more and more. in Jusus’ name.

  17. Ruben Uirab

    Good day man of God! I am folowing ur program daily,and i know God is working through you, please pray for me to have more faith in Christ, and please provide us too wth the medium of anointed water in Namibia. Stay in Christ.

  18. Mosadi

    we love you Man of God,this weekend I was so down man of God and today I feel so happy,because yesterday I watch a cd in the office with a title Do not be fear, where John Chi was preaching “Jesus live and because He live and I can face tommorow’s life”. It’s really touch my soul and every human being entirely. Man of God come provide as with cd and anointing water here in Namibia. With God everything is possible

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