Prophetic Direction Through Dreams

Edwin Asonganyi, a seaman from Cameroon, shares his testimony about how viewing Emmanuel TV has transformed his life, explaining how Prophet T.B. Joshua has given prophetic direction and revelation to him and his wife on numerous occasions, although he has never physically been to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations…

“Emmanuel! Thank you for this opportunity to share my testimony. This is a great joy for me! I started watching Emmanuel TV in 2008. And ever since I started watching Emmanuel TV, I have seen positive changes in my life.

“In 2009 my wife became pregnant. When she was about a month away from delivery, I had a dream where Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared to me and told me that we should be careful. He told me that somebody will bring a gift to us which is not good but said we should pray and nothing will happen. About two weeks later, a man of God visited us, prayed with us and told us the same thing! And truly, I received a strange gift a few weeks later and nothing happened. My wife delivered safely.

“After the child was 3 months old, he stayed for 7 days without excreting. I called the Emmanuel TV prayer line and they prayed with me with my hand on his stomach. Before 20 minutes, he excreted!

“My family comes from a background where nobody worships God. They usually worship witchdoctors. As a child, I was taken to many of these places for protection. Emmanuel tv has shown me that all the bad dreams I was having – seeing dead people, eating in dream, girls trying to make love with me in dream – are the result of all the witchdoctors I visited. But now, anytime I have a bad dream, I will call the Emmanuel TV team to pray with me and all will be ok!

“My wife is pregnant again now, but I am out of the country – as a seaman. Four days ago she called and told me she had a dream  where see saw herself giving birth to a baby in a wrong position. I encouraged her to be in prayer and emailed the Emmanuel  TV team, asking them for prayer and attaching our photos. The next day she called and told me that Prophet TB Joshua came to her in her dream and told her not to worry. He then prophesied to her in the dream, saying, ‘Before you were very clever, but now you always write exams and fail.’ She said, ‘Yes’. The prophet said, ‘This has been giving you a lot of worry.’ Then the prophet said to her, ‘Don’t worry-  I am seeing you as a nurse, and i see you going out of the country.’

“Prophet T.B. Joshua is a true man of god. He has done many good things in my life. Sometimes when I am praying to God, HE will tell me in my dream with God all things are possible. I have never been to The SCOAN but I believe distance is not a barrier. Always leave your problems to God and you will receive an answer, in Jesus’ name!

“I pray that GOD should make a way for me to visit the SCOAN for my complete deliverance, and I believe this light will also shine in our family! May God continue to increase in the life of  Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Team. Thank you for your time, thank you for your patience and thank you for your love. God bless you!”

Thanks for sharing your testimony Edwin. We believe at God’s time, you and your family will have the opportunity to visit The SCOAN. Please keep us updated with what God is doing in your life and career!

If you have been watching Emmanuel TV and have a testimony to share, don’t keep it to yourself! Glorify God and tell the world what HE is doing! You can share your testimony via this blog here. God bless!



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  1. Mungumani Reginald

    Pray for me as put to work what prophet TB Joshua told me in my dream that i will be a social worker manager.

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