About TB Joshua

T.B. Joshua in The SCOAN, Lagos

This blog is an individual initiative to tell the world the remarkable testimonies that are happening through the ministry of T.B. Joshua.

I believe millions out there have been healed, blessed, delivered and set free through the ministry at The SCOAN. This is your opportunity to share what God has done for you! Please send your testimonies to  tbj.testimonies@gmail.com or submit them here.

I will publishing one or two testimonies a day, to glorify God and encourage the world that there is a solution to their problems in the name of Jesus Christ!

For more info about why I am doing this, please check out my first post where I explain more…


3 responses to “About

  1. LEMMY


  2. Nebo Netty Masoto

    Hollo Dady! man of God you are amazing you changed my life,you rescured me. i love you, i love emmanuel tv. i want to come and see you phisically but by the grace of God i know i will in jesus name.Thank you very much.
    Nebo Netty Masoto (BOTSWANA)

  3. We want the growth of the Church (Johane Masowe Chishanu in Mutare ,Zimbabwe and people must be blessed ,healed. I also want to be strong in Evangelism ,being big and iam a Prophet since 1985 up to now in the Johane Masowe Chishanu Church.

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