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‘I Stopped Bleeding After Joining T.B. Joshua In Prayer On Emmanuel TV’

The following is a testimony from an American lady who received a remarkable healing after joining Prophet T.B. Joshua in prayer via Emmanuel TV:

Emmanuel TV Testimony

“Lyubov Parkhotyuk is the mother of 7 children. Wife of an awesome pastor. More than a month ago, she discovered heavy bleeding, that continued for 30 days. Working as a nurse, she went to great doctors, who gave her medicine, but it didn’t change her situation. She consulted some of her trusted doctor friends from oversees, who sent her medicine, but even that brought no improvement.

On Saturday Night, 5th of November, she prayed with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. After prayer, her bleeding immediately stopped. It’s been more than a week, and her husband and her both testify to the miracle working power of Jesus, that set her free of the bleeding.

There was a woman in the Bible who had similar problem, but this problem lasted for 12 years. Lady spend all her possessions on doctors, but could not be cured. Once she heard about Jesus, she touched him and was cured of her sickness.

Jesus is the same today. Distance is not a barrier. Faith is all that you need. Some people are writing to us asking for Anointing Water, which God uses mighty to bring healing. But I want you to notice, that Lyubov, just used her faith while praying with TB Joshua and she was healed. Jesus can heal you as well, by prayer with TB Joshua, just like He can heal you through Anointing Water, just like He can use any medium.”

SOURCE: Hungry Generation, Washington

The testimonies flowing forth from Emmanuel TV viewers who have joined Prophet T.B. Joshua in prayer are remarkable! We encourage you to join in this prayer:


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Emmanuel TV Testimony: Hair Restored!

The pains were unbearable. The sores covered her entire head, emitting a foul odour and rendering normal hair growth impossible. For the young Zambian, whose condition was diagnosed as an incurable fungal infection, the prospects of a normal childhood seemed all but gone. However, upon receiving a wonderful gift in the Anointing Water and praying along in faith with Prophet T.B. Joshua, her story was about to change!

“Praise the Lord! My name is Catherine Kamushila of Lusaka, Zambia. I want to testify of the goodness of the Lord through the Anointing Water.

“I am a staunch viewer of Emmanuel TV and so is my family. I have two children, a girl who is eight years old and a boy who is two years old. My daughter had been having sores on the scalp for many years. Each time her hair grows, the sores would come out of her head. It was so severe that I had to shave her hair completely until she was bald.

“We had gone to the hospital where they told us that it was a fungal and bacterial infection. My daughters head was actually being eaten away by these sores. The would even be smelling and flies would buzz constantly around her. We were all in agony because of her condition as she would not sleep when the pain started. It was extremely painful when she was washing the sores.

“Thanks to the Almighty, my friend sent me some Anointing Water from people who had just come back from The SCOAN. We began using the water after washing the sores. My daughter also had so much faith in the Lord that she could wake up in the night at midnight to pray with me.

“One fateful day we were watching Emmanuel TV where a Malawian woman was testifying that she was watching Emmanuel TV and that she put a bottle of water close to the TV and used it on her daughter who had lost her hair, and that the hair of her daughter started growing back. My daughter was watching with me and suddenly started crying. She began to pray, ‘Please God, remove these sores from my head! I want to be well!’ As she said these words, she touched the screen as the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua was asking the woman questions and as he prayed on that day. This must have been in April 2011.

“I can testify now that the sores have gone and her hair has grown back! It happened just like it did for that woman’s daughter beginning with baby hair and then normal hair. As I am writing, I have booked her to have her hair plaited tomorrow. Praise the Lord!

“I thank God! Through the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Anointing Water, my daughter is free from the skin disease.”

SOURCE: Distance Is Not A Barrier


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Promotion Through Prayer On Emmanuel TV

Miriam from Zambia wrote this testimony about receiving promotion in her workplace after praying along with T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. God is good, all the time!

“My name is Miriam Longwe of Kitwe, Zambia. I want to testify that in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, all things are possible! God made a way for me where there seemed to be no way.  

“Last year in June 2010,  I applied for a job at Africonnect Zambia Ltd, the same company I was working in as a cleaner in their offices. I kept on crying to my God and praying along with T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. This year, Jesus has done it for me! I was miraculously promoted from cleaner to an OFFICE ATTENDENT thanks to the Man of God T.B. Joshua and his encouragement and prayers on Emmanuel TV. Thank You, Jesus! Amen!”

We thank God for bringing breakthrough and promotion to Miriam. The best is yet to come!

If you have a testimony to share after viewing Emmanuel TV, please share it here for the glory of God!


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Incredible Healing Testimony

Here is an incredible healing testimony of Mr Onyeka Nnaji who was facing the prospects of amputation due to a cancerous sore that had eaten up almost his entire leg. After prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua at The SCOAN, he was healed in Jesus’ name and came back with an incredible testimony, healed!

Leg Ulcer Before

Onyeka Nnaji before prayer at The SCOAN

Leg Ulcer After Prayer

Onyeka Nnaji healed after prayer from T.B. Joshua

If you have a testimony to share concerning the powerful move of God at The SCOAN, please share it with the world via this blog, to the glory of God!

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Healed From Sickle Cell Anaemia Through Emmanuel TV

Emmanuel TV is a really powerful television station that God is using to heal people worldwide. The following testimony is one I found on the Emmanuel TV Website. I know many people out there have similar testimonies to share. Please don’t keep them to yourself! Let your light shine before men and tell the world what He is doing in your life! Email tbjoshua.testimonies@gmail.com  or submit your testimony here and I will publish testimonies on this blog, for the glory of God. In any case, enjoy this one…


As Ayodele rushed into hospital, breathing fast and heart beating frantically, he could only pray that his daughter would pull through. Sickness ravaged her system and doctors labelled her condition as critical. This was not his first visit to hospital, and it wasn’t to be his last. Titilayo had sickle cell anaemia, an incurable and debilitating disease that had plagued her since childhood. Hospital to hospital, drug to drug, desperation to desperation – there seemed no way out. That was until one remarkable Sunday. There was light at the end of the tunnel.

“On Sunday at about 4pm, I was watching Emmanuel TV with my family and Prophet T.B. Joshua was healing and delivering people. He said while he was praying that he wanted everyone under the influence of the telecast to stretch their hands towards the screen – that distance is not a barrier, and he began to pray. Me and my family, especially my daughter Titilay0, whom we asked to place her head on the screen at the same point Prophet T.B. Joshua stretched his hand, prayed with him in faith.

“The next day, Monday, I took my daughter to a medical laboratory for a genotype test. My mind kept telling me to go and test her, that she is healed. I was so surprised when the nurse gave me the result and I saw that it was AA genotype! I asked the nurse if the test was done properly, and she was shocked and slightly embarassed by the question! I immediately realised that God had done it – because this same laboratory had carried out the test on my daughter, Titilayo, before and the result was at then SS genotype. But I did not stop there. I proceeded to another laboratory, and after the test the result was again AA genotype! Praise the LORD! My faith is greatly increased and this has made me believe the man of God’s slogan, ‘The best is yet to come.’ Titilayo, my daughter, is nine years old.”

Hopes of a bright future without the stigma of such a sickness has been restored for Titilayo. Indeed, the best is yet to come!

SOURCE: Emmanuel TV Testimonies

Praise God!

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Prophecy: Day Of Birth Revealed

Another awesome testimony, this time concerning a prophecy given during a SCOAN service to a woman who was 11 months pregnant. T.B. Joshua revealed the exact day she would safely deliver! This article comes from the ‘Africa News’ website… enjoy!

It was an eruption of euphoria in Delta State, Nigeria, as a baby girl was born amidst supernatural circumstances…

Mrs Joy Everbright had carried her pregnancy for 11 months. Awaiting a caesarean operation, necessary due to the wrong position of her baby in the womb, Joy had all but lost hope of delivering her child naturally. However, fearing the doctor’s scalpel and hungry for divine solution, Mrs Everbright boldly made her way to a church in Lagos where miracles were said to happen. She received more than she bargained for.

In the midst of the large crowd at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations on Sunday June 7th 2009, Pastor T.B. Joshua spotted Joy out with a pinpoint prophetic revelation. “There is a woman here – you are due to deliver your baby. This is 11 months. Come out. You have been booked for operation. This is a baby girl.” Evidently shocked, Joy rushed forward. TB Joshua then prayed with her, telling her directly: “You will deliver your baby on Wednesday.”

TB Joshua Prophecy

Mrs Joy Everbright sharing her testimony at The SCOAN

The next week, Joy returned to the church to share her remarkable testimony. She had safely delivered her baby girl on Wednesday at 9:30am, precisely as the pastor had said. A medical doctor from the Bahamas who was present during the service confirmed, “This is indeed a miracle”, stating that an operation was the only medical option available in such a circumstance. What baffled the crowd most was the pastor’s prediction of the exact day of the baby’s birth, a declaration evidently made under divine influence.

Joshua used the occasion to explain the function of a pastor, saying: “Pastors are sent to utter the deep things of God for the conviction of sin, and for edification and comfort.” He further lamented “ministries of empty talk”, stating that many pastors don’t dabble into the area of prophecy today for fear that it will expose their lack of authenticity and authority. He reminded the congregation of the biblical standard in Deuteronomy 18:22 – “If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken.”

In the same service which was broadcast live on Emmanuel TV, a couple from South Africa shared a similar testimony. Barren for 10 years due to a low sperm count and inverted womb, Mr Pieter and Mrs Gene Van Zyl joyfully explained how prayer from Pastor Joshua had wrought an incredible miracle. Now several months pregnant, Gene spoke of how the pastor had told them two years earlier that she would conceive, and admonished them to hold fast to God and His promises. “God can definitely do it for you” she encouraged the excited crowd, now that the promise had become a reality.

Prophet T.B. Joshua has garnered a reputation for his prophetic prowess on both a personal and international level. Recently, he is said to have prophesied the death of former South Korean President Roh Moo-hyn, the tragic plane crash in New York on Feb 13 and the release of Ingrid Betancourt from the Colombian jungle last year. The President of Ghana, John Evans Atta Mills, has publically acknowledged Joshua’s prophetic ministry, stating he had accurately revealed to him details of his three-round election victory.

Concluding his sermon, Pastor Joshua said: “The prophecies of the prophets of old became signs. Each sign said: ‘These men are from God; their message is true; believe their words.’ ”

SOURCE: Africa News

I actually found the clip of this prophecy on YouTube! Check it out – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKM4ty-k6v0

Prophetic time during the live services on Emmanuel TV is probably my favourite time! It is just incredible to see God revealing intricate details about people’s lives to T.B. Joshua and the Five Wise Men, followed by them being delivered and set free.

Once again, we would love to hear your testimonies! Please send them to tbjoshua.testimonies@gmail.com or submit them here and share with the world what God has done in your life!

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Emmanuel TV Testimony: I Felt Electrified!

In the coming months, I will be bringing many testimonies from viewers of Emmanuel TV. Here is the first, a testimony from the Emmanuel TV Website!

Looking tentatively at his arm, Rodreck became increasingly concerned. Where did this abscess come from? Would the swelling ever stop? The pains were great and fears of tomorrow filled the young Zimbabweans thoughts. However, in a simple act of obedience the following Sunday, those fears were replaced with a strong faith!

“I am one of your millions of viewers across the globe. I had a growing abscess on my left arm. During the live service, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked viewers to touch the screens of their televisions and pray with him. I did so and as I was touching the screen, I felt electrified in my entire body. Immediately afterwards, the pains in my arm began to grow faint. The following day, the swelling was less and by the third day, it had completely gone!”

Such electricity was the resurrection power of Jesus flowing into Rodreck’s body. When the power of God is present, healing is like breathing!

SOURCE: Emmanuel TV Website

If you have a testimony from viewing Emmanuel TV, it would be wonderful to hear from you! Share your testimony with the world! You can email me your testimony for publication on this blog on tbj.testimonies@gmail.com or submit them here.

God bless!

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