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Swollen Head Bursts Open…

I just saw this on YouTube and was amazed/ shocked! A boy with a swollen head receives the new Anointing Water and immediately afterwards a fluid starts gushing forth from his head. It’s graphic and not for the faint of heart – but a powerful reminder that there is nothing impossible with God. As T.B. Joshua says, “The Gospel of God’s grace changes and challenges everything. To His power, nothing is impossible.”



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48 Hours Left To Live: Healed Of Pneumonia And Meningitis

Last week, I heard this simply incredible testimony on Emmanuel TV concerning the New Anointing Water. A baby who was born prematurely and infected with pneumonia, meningitis and adenovirus was given 48 hours to live. But within 3 hours of receiving the Anointing Water, everything changed! Here is a transcript of the wonderful testimony, as heard on Emmanuel TV:

The New Anointing Water

The New Anointing Water ministered to Mr Ali's baby

Emmanuel. God is with us! Our names are Mr and Mrs Fabien Ali. We reside in South Africa. The baby with us here is our son. This baby, at the 7th month of pregnancy experienced distress in his mother’s womb. As a result of that, the doctor had to order an emergency operation to remove him from the womb – because he felt that the baby had a better chance of survival outside than inside the womb. After the baby was removed, a lot of complications set in.

It was discovered that the baby had a lot of infections. He had contracted infections while in the womb after the mother’s water had broken. One of the infections was pneumonia. And then there was another infection which affects the upper respiratory tract – they call it adenovirus. The second one is a bacteria which causes meningitis in premature babies. So the situation was very critical – because every day his health was going down the drain.

The doctor gave up after three weeks and he was now preparing us for the worst. He called us and told us that he doesn’t expect the baby to live more than two days. On hearing that, I decided to call my sister who lives in Lagos here and I told her to go to The SCOAN. I asked my sister in Lagos to get me the Anointing Water and DHL it immediately to South Africa. The Anointing Water arrived within 48 hours by DHL.

DHL Plane

The Anointing Water arrived within 48 hours by DHL

I received the Anointing Water about 10am in the morning. After I received the Anointing Water, I went straight to the hospital and I told the nurse there, ‘You might not understand what I am about to do now, but just give me a chance.’ The nurse obliged. She allowed me and then I ministered the Anointing Water to the baby.

There is this test they do every day to find out how much the bacteria had advanced in his system. Under normal circumstances, that bacteria is supposed to be less than 1 in a human being, but the babies was standing at ‘244’. They told me another test was going to be carried out by 1pm that same day. I ministered the Anointing Water at about 10am.

I decided to hang around the hospital to find out what the result of the test was going to be. My wife’s phone rang and the nurse from the hospital told us that she had good news for us. She said we should come into the hospital. When we came into the hospital, she explained to us that from the test that was carried out, that the particular virus that attacks the upper respiratory tract – they could not find it in the baby any longer! Secondly, the bacteria that was standing at 244, the nurse said that after the test they did, it had come down to 112. Finally, the pneumonia has disappeared from the baby!

Because the baby could not breathe on his own, they had connected a pipe through his throat into his lung in order for the machine to pump oxygen out of his lung and into his lung. It was a very pitiful sight to see the baby connected to all those tubes. So, being that the situation had improved, I asked the doctor, ‘What are we going to do now? Are we still going to leave him with the tube they put through his throat into his lung?’ The doctor told me that he is not in any hurry at all to remove that particular pipe – because he still wants to monitor him. I said, ‘How long?’ He said he would monitor him for two to three weeks. I accepted it like that. The next morning when I came back to the hospital with my wife, I found out that the tube was out from the baby and the drip was no longer on the baby!

I asked them, ‘What happened? Has the doctor changed his mind? Have they decided to move the tube and the drip?’ They said no, that at midnight they found the pipe lying beside the baby. Praise God! They told me the baby removed the pipe and the drip at night. That was after I applied the Anointing Water! I have come here to testify to the whole world concerning the healing power of God in the Anointing Water.

Even before I came here (The SCOAN), I went to the doctor to do a final check. My baby is more than 100% healthy! Children of God, I would like you to join me in giving glory to God Almighty, in Jesus’ name. My baby is healthy, my wife is healthy and everybody in my family are healthy – thanks be to God!

Jesus lives. HE never said, ‘Goodbye.’ I was very encouraged by this testimony and I believe your faith has been strengthened by reading it! Thank God for how HE is using the medium of the New Anointing Water around the world. Thank God for the life and ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua!


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Healing In Jesus Name

Here is another remarkable healing of a woman who had a truly horrific neck & back ulcer that had completely eaten away her flesh. Please be warned – the video of her condition before prayer at The SCOAN is both gruesome and graphic. However, it is necessary to see the severity of her situation as the transformation that is witnessed after prayer is veritable proof of God’s power at work in our midst today and gives all the glory to HIM!

Healed in Jesus name

Prayer for healing in Jesus name

Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “If millions of this generation are to believe, they must witness proof that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” As you watch this video, you will certainly witness this proof! Believe that Jesus Christ will touch you just as He touched this woman. There is healing available in the name of Jesus Christ!

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Incredible Healing Testimony

Here is an incredible healing testimony of Mr Onyeka Nnaji who was facing the prospects of amputation due to a cancerous sore that had eaten up almost his entire leg. After prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua at The SCOAN, he was healed in Jesus’ name and came back with an incredible testimony, healed!

Leg Ulcer Before

Onyeka Nnaji before prayer at The SCOAN

Leg Ulcer After Prayer

Onyeka Nnaji healed after prayer from T.B. Joshua

If you have a testimony to share concerning the powerful move of God at The SCOAN, please share it with the world via this blog, to the glory of God!

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Anointing Water Testimony

God can use any medium to express Himself. One such medium I have personally seen remarkable results through is the Anointing Water from The SCOAN, water that is prayed for by T.B. Joshua and used by God to bring healing, deliverance and freedom to the lives of literally thousands.

The New Anointing Water

The New Anointing Water, recently shown on Emmanuel TV

Here is a testimony, originally published in the Daily Independent of Nigeria and republished on All Africa, a provider of African news and information for a global audience. It is the touching case of a young boy who was condemned to feed through a pipe for the rest of his life after a freak accident involving acid, and his remarkable healing at The SCOAN through the Anointing Water…

For boisterous four-year-old Joshua Nosike, that day had started as any other. Like most kids of his age, he was curious and playful, getting into mischief and was inquisitive about almost everything.

This, however, proved dangerous and life-threatening for the lad on that fateful day as he got hold of an acid bottle. It was left to be imagined the searing and burning pain Joshua experienced as he drank the toxic liquid and his father had to rush him, in that state of agony, to a hospital where Joshua spent the next six weeks.

According to Joshua’s father, Nosike, when the boy drank the acid, his throat became blocked and he could no longer breathe properly. His oesophagus was also severally damaged. The next tortuous weeks were spent searching for a solution, but the only option the Nosikes were left with was surgery that did not promise much hope. After six weeks in hospital, Joshua was sent home with a tube inserted through his nose into his stomach, the only avenue left for the boy to feed.

The Nosikes chose not to go for the main operation but rather, desperate for a way out, decided to take Joshua to The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) having watched the miracles that took place in the church on Emmanuel TV.

Mrs. Nosike demonstrated to the church the painstaking way they had to feed Joshua through the large spiral tube that covered a large section of her son’s face. She filled a syringe with liquid and slowly lifted the opening of the tube so as not to inflict too much discomfort on the boy.

She then emptied the contents of the syringe into the tube so that Joshua could “eat.” This method of eating would surely have a negative effect on the growing boy in the long term. The pain that both the boy and his parents felt was unbearable. And so, to SCOAN, they headed.

Joshua Nosike

Joshua Nosike before prayer at The SCOAN

At the SCOAN, on seeing the founder of the church, Prophet T. B. Joshua, Nosike, shouted his anguish, wailing: “Please help us, my son drank acid and can no longer feed through his mouth. Please help us! He can only feed through this hose (tube) they have connected through his nose. Please, man of God helps me!”

Joshua stopped and asked: “What happened to him?” The father explained that the boy drank acid and showed the tube that he was being fed through. “Don’t worry; I will spray the anointing water. He will start eating through his mouth now. The Lord will operate on his entrance,” he assured the depressed Nosikes.The prophet then sprayed the anointing water into Joshua’s mouth and nose, calling the name of Jesus Christ. He continued the exercise, tracing the line of Joshua’s damaged oesophagus.

As the process continued, the little boy reacted in some ways and the prophet stopped. “Go and give him food. He will eat through his mouth, as the boys had been healed and made whole,” T. B. Joshua advised the boy’s bewildered parents. He warned them not to remove the tube themselves, but to have it removed at the hospital. He, however, assured them that the boy would eat through his mouth that day.

As the boy began to look more lively and healthy, his ecstatic parents rushed some custard to him. And to everyone’s surprise, he eagerly ate the meal through his mouth, without complaints right in the midst of the congregation. He even asked his mum for more. When recently the family went back to SCOAN to formally testify to the incredible miracle, the little boy had regained his health and the tube had been removed by the doctors at the hospital.

TB Joshua ministering the Anointing Water

TB Joshua praying for Joshua with the Anointing Water

During an interview with Prophet Joshua, he said the anointing water is merely a symbol. “It is not the water itself that heals but our Lord Jesus Christ, since the anointing is done in His name,” he said. Citing the book of Acts, he said God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.

Joshua Nosike healed

Joshua Nosike healed!

In those scriptural verses, “God used Paul to bless aprons and handkerchiefs. It was not Paul that worked those miracles. God wrought them by the hand of Paul. God can use any medium to express himself. On this occasion, the medium used was water. The secret of all the miracles is Jesus Christ,” Joshua explained.

SOURCE: All Africa

The clip of this wonderful miracle is actually on YouTube. Have a watch!

If you have an Anointing Water testimony, or any testimony from this wonderful ministry, please share it with us and let God be glorified! Thanks and God bless.


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Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen Testimony: Rugby Star Healed At The SCOAN

Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen is a successful South African rugby player, currently playing for the Vodacom Bulls, who has won many accolades for both his club and country. His career has taken him to three different continents, playing for the Leicester Tigers in UK, the NEC Green Rockets in Japan and numerous South African clubs. However, his career almost came to an abrupt end in 2000 when he ruptured his posterior cruciate ligament during a match.

Here is the story of Jaco’s remarkable recovery following a trip to The SCOAN to receive prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, as found in The Observer Newspaper, UK.

When serious injury threatened to end his rugby career, the tough Afrikaner, Jaco van der Westhuyzen, turned to the only man who could save him: a Nigerian faith healer

Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen

Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen with teammate

“Sure, I believe in miracles. I’ve seen them with my own eyes. From an early age I was very religious. Both my parents were Dutch Reformed Christians. But it was not until 2000 that faith healing and TB Joshua, the Nigerian they call ‘the Prophet’, came into my life. I had just broken into the Springbok team when I ruptured my posterior cruciate ligament playing against Western Province one Sunday in August 2000. The doctor took X-rays and said I needed to have an operation that Wednesday. I was really down, because I desperately wanted to go on the end-of-year Bok tour.

“Here I must give credit to my wife. Her family are charismatic Christians, which means they stand up in church, clapping and singing. She, or rather her brother, had shown me this video of the Nigerian faith healer TB Joshua. I saw all the miracles he performed, such as curing people with HIV, freeing people from their wheelchairs, healing those with cancer. My wife said to me: ‘You’re pretty religious. Your faith is strong. I think you should give it a go.’ I was sceptical at first and I wasn’t too sure about the miracles. I read about them in the Bible but I thought: ‘Can this be true?’ Still, I decided not to have the operation and to take a leap of faith instead.

Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen

Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen in action

“Our church group landed in Lagos on a Sunday. We drove for about 45 minutes before coming to a very basic church site – 10 people to a wooden bench. It was just phenomenal to see how primitive Christianity can be while at the same time remaining so powerful. At each service, there are between 10,000 and 20,000 people, mainly poor blacks. Their riches are their faith. At five o’clock in the morning, there are 3,000 people queueing outside the church gates to get the best seats.

“For the first few days we had discussions with the disciples and talked about religion and its power. Then, on the Saturday, ‘the Prophet’ came out and delivered his message to the congregation, even though there were people in the church, scared of his powers, who wanted to kill him. It was a real eye-opener. But these doubters could not get near him. He said to us: ‘There’s somebody here who wants to kill me.’ If the guy does not come forward, the Prophet will identify him and the person ends up confessing to what he was planning.

“Towards the end of the service about 300 of us gathered in what they call the ‘healing line’. The Prophet walked down the line, identifying illnesses. When he came to me, he said I should remove my leg brace. He looked at me and it was like he had x-ray vision, like he could see immediately what was wrong with my knee. Moving his hands around as if he was tugging a rope, he seemed to pull out all the dirt and other stuff that was in my knee. Then he said to me: ‘Stand up and run.’ The brace had been on for weeks and running should have been impossible. Well, I trusted my faith and started to run – and at full speed. There was no pain.

“Back home I had another x-ray, and it showed the ligament was fine. The doctor could not believe or explain it. News of what happened started to spread and the wife of Ruben Kruger, the former Bok and Blue Bulls flanker, called me. Ruben had a brain tumour and his wife wanted me to take him to see TB Joshua. We went back to Lagos, Ruben’s brain tumour was healed and he has had no more symptoms since then.


Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen scoring a try

“All the time, TB Joshua stressed that it was not him doing the healing, but the Holy Spirit operating through him. And we did not have to pay for anything, not even food. He even gives people money to buy plane tickets. He did that with me. Another Bulls and Bok player, the young lock Wium Basson, had developed terminal cancer and also went to see the Prophet. But he died soon after coming back to South Africa. You know, initially when I went to see TB Joshua it was for a quick fix, to make the Bok tour. Maybe Wium felt the same. I know for certain that he did not know the Lord as well as he should have at that time. If your faith is not right, the Lord will tell TB Joshua not to heal you. But Wium did make peace with God in Nigeria and that, for me, was the miracle. In going to see the Prophet, he probably saved himself from going somewhere else when he died. Luckily in South Africa religion is important; we often pray before matches. Most of my team-mates were not too sceptical about the faith healing. A few of the guys did give me some stick, teased me, but, really, I did not mind. I knew truthfully what had happened to me out there.

“Back home, and I think here in Britain, too, religion can become too commercialised. Often it’s not something you really believe in: it’s just something that’s there, that you do to make you feel good. I think it would be good for faith to play a bigger role in rugby, where there is a stigma that players are merely hard blokes without feelings.

Vodacom Bulls Training Session

Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen training for the Vodacom Bulls

“Was it strange for a white Afrikaner to seek help from a black Nigerian faith healer? I think the older generation, such as my grandparents, would have found it very difficult to fathom. But for me a person is a person and everyone has a soul. Whether you are black, white, brown or yellow we are all the same in that respect. I never thought of TB Joshua as a lesser person than me. In fact, I envy him because he has such a deep, meaningful relationship with God.

“Now I’d love to go back to Nigeria and get my spiritual batteries recharged. During the weeks we were there you could feel the presence of the Lord the whole time, even as we slept. Whenever I hit a bad patch in rugby or my life, I just think back and remember what that was like. The big thing I’ve learnt is that this life is just a dress rehearsal for what’s to come.”


Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen in action for the Springboks

The life facts

Jaco Nicolaas Boshoff van der Westhuyzen was born in Nelspruit on 6 April 1978. A boy wonder, he made his Super 12 debut at fly-half for the Natal Sharks in 1997, at the age of 19, and won an international call-up against New Zealand three years later. He has since worn the Bok jersey eight times and played at full-back against England and the All Blacks in the 2003 World Cup. Last year’s South African Super 12 player of the season joined Leicester Tigers for their 2003-04 campaign.

SOURCE: The Observer, UK

Further Information:

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Saved From Death Through Emmanuel TV

The first testimony from a reader of this blog has come in! Precious testified to how her young son was miraculously healed whilst in a a life-threatening situation in hospital after she prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Praise God!

“My son was very ill last year. The baby was about to die and was put on drip (2ltr) at the age of six months. The doctors had said there was little hope of his survival. During a healing session with the man of God on Emmanuel TV, he said, ‘Please viewers all over the world, touch the screen and believe Jesus will heal you because distance is not a barrier’. I touched the screen while the baby was in the hospital. When I went for the morning visit the following day, the baby was improving but while on drip. He was discharged two days later, kicking as usual. Praise God!” – Precious

We thank God for your life Precious and that of your son. Keep sharing this awesome testimony to let the world know that with God, all things are possible!

Please spread the word! If you have a testimony to share concerning this ministry, or you know someone who does – don’t keep it to yourself! Send in your testimony and glorify God for what HE has done and is doing in your life.

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