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Emmanuel TV: A Testimony Of Transformation

Emmanuel TV, the television station of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) began its remarkable journey with a bold statement of intent, cast in a slogan which was of more than mere words: ‘Changing lives, changing nations, changing the world.’ Since its entry into the airwaves on March 10th2006, countless stories of transformation, reformation and salvation paint a bold picture of the impact it has had on individuals, families and nations alike. Although no meter can truly measure Emmanuel TV’s worldwide influence, it is safe to say, by its unwavering progress, that God is clearly the divine driver behind its fortunes. Here is an Emmanuel TV story sure to stir wonder in the depths of your heart, bring a tear to your eye and leave you in awe of an awesome God.  

Life was literally hellish for Maria Chisanga, her volatile husband dealing her verbal and physical abuse again in a fit of drunken madness. Their marriage had not started on such a chaotic note, but alcohol had slowly consumed, overtaken and destroyed him. Alex was not the man she first met. For the young Zambian couple, already with two kids, the situation was dire and the marriage at the point of breaking beyond repair. “I don’t know whether it was due to the money I started having,” Alex reminisced. “But the moment we had our second kid, problems started coming and I started drinking. I was going out every night with friends and they influenced me to drink. From that time, things started to go downhill. The deeper it went, the worse life became and I started drinking badly. It was uncontrollable.”

As the alcohol clouded his judgement and veiled his values, Alex started going regularly outside his marital home, eloping with different women on various occasions, including the younger sister of Maria’s closest friend. He had three children outside wedlock. “Eventually I ran away from my house, with my wife crying bitterly. They went to my father and different pastors – still they couldn’t stop me. You know, when you are carried away – you are gone.” Alex left his house in disarray, with his five children from Maria becoming virtually fatherless. “I was still financially supporting my wife, but soon stopped because I was with other women. That’s when I moved completely to Botswana and forgot taking care of her and the children completely.”

Each attempted return to reconcile resulted in more strife and fight. Maria eventually made the decision to leave the marriage and return to her hometown. “When my husband started drinking, it was horrible,” Maria soberly stated. “It was a time of crying, a time of crises, a very hard time for me. We were fighting and shouting at each other every day. He was beating me any time he felt like it. My children were so much affected by the drinking of their father. They came to the point of telling me, ‘Mummy – if you can leave this man, I think it would be better for you – because this man is beating you and bringing so many problems in our lives today.’ Even paying their school fees was a problem. Eating was a problem. He was beating me so much, and I got tired. I prayed and prayed until I got tired and decided to leave the marriage.”

If anyone is in a position to explain the devastating and destructive effect of alcohol abuse, it is Alex Chisanga. With turmoil throughout his home and life, Alex turned to extreme drinking, literally existing in a state of delirium, dependent on the next beer-binge. “There was not a day that I did not drink,” he vividly explained. “The time I am talking with you now, maybe a carton would be gone. You know, when you got paid, you would buy some cartons and put them in the fridge – instead of buying food. You might go and get five or six cartons and put them in the fridge. It came to the extent that I could not even sit like this without having a beer, because I would be shaking. I needed to have a beer with me.  When I was going to the toilet, I would carry a beer. It came to a time when I couldn’t even cook for myself. I had to go out and buy food before I could eat. Sometimes, I would spend two or three days without food; but beer was there. Even when I was going to bed, when I slept, I would be having a bottle with me. As I would be trying to sleep, I would be drinking. In the night, all I would dream of was beer. And the moment I woke up, I would start. Sometimes, the bottle would fall from my hands in the night. You would just get up in the morning and see the mess, go to the fridge and get another one. My beer was too much. I couldn’t live without beer. Like you are sitting down now – I couldn’t. I needed to have it with me. I needed to have it in my stomach – if I didn’t, I would become something else. I would become wild.”

As to be expected, the extreme addiction had taken its toll on him both physically and psychologically, with regular thoughts of suicide whirling within his head. “Physically, I was not normal. There were times when I would feel like a mad person. All it would tell you – go to the fridge, it is there. I even went bankrupt because of my beer addiction. If it was not there and you didn’t have money in the bank, you would force yourself to go and sell something so that at least, it would be there. It must be there. Things were finished. My vehicle – I sold it because of that. We had two fridges – I sold one of them. I sold everything to buy beer. I was only left with my TV and a bed to sleep in. If you came close to me, you would sense the smell of my beer. It got to the extent that my whole body smelt of beer, because sometimes I wouldn’t bathe. I would start to have a headache that was unstoppable – then something came to you and told you to get rid of your life.”Even while performing his duties as a heavy truck driver, Alex would drive under the influence of alcohol; astonishingly however, he was able to avoid accidents. “I used to hide alcohol at work. Even when I was driving, behind my seat you would find a carton of my beer.”

The downward spiral continued for Alex, bound in what could be termed as slavery to the spirit of alcohol that had totally engulfed his existence. It was the December of 2008 – over three years since he had last seen or spoken to his wife. “One Sunday morning, a friend of mine came to find out whether I was at home,” explained Alex, who had been drinking throughout the nights of Friday and Saturday. “He asked me if I had a decoder in my living room.” In tune with his answer, the friend entered his house and fiddled with the apparatus before tuning in to a particular television station. “He increased the volume and then joined me outside on the veranda where I was drinking. After a while, he heard the voice of the man of God preaching.” Alex’s friend had tuned to Emmanuel TV, and it was the start of a live Sunday Service from The SCOAN with Prophet T.B. Joshua. “By the time he heard the man of God say, ‘Distance is not a barrier! Let us pray for the viewers’ – he said to me, ‘Alex – you need to come and watch this.’” Literally forcing the reluctant drunkard to enter his house, the friend brought him before the television. “He told me: ‘Come – I need you to touch the screen’. I told him, ‘No, let me just watch the man.’ Then he just grabbed my hand and forcefully put it on the screen. At that moment, the man of God said: ‘Whatever is not of Jesus – out!’ That’s when I went out on the ground.” Rolling uncontrollably on the floor of his living room, Alex was receiving a remarkable deliverance as a service some thousands of miles away in Lagos, Nigeria progressed. The spirits tormenting his life and family were being chased out. “I must have been there for over 10 minutes. All I remember is that the man of God shouted, ‘In the name of Jesus – you are free’ and I just woke up at once, in dirty clothes and sweating profusely.”

Alex slowly got up, several neighbours having gathered due to the commotion, stared at him in amazement. The darkness that clouded his blood-shot eyes had gone. “I looked around and the first thing I asked was: ‘Where is my wife?’ My friend who had put on Emmanuel TV and all my neighbours started crying. They told me ‘Alex, your wife left you over three years ago.’ I couldn’t believe it. I went to the bedroom and started checking for my wife’s clothes. Then I discovered it was true – my wife was no longer with me. I began to cry.” Alex asked for a drink of water and a disbelieving neighbour brought out both bottles of water and beer, asking him to choose. He chose water.


The following day, Alex took a fortnight’s leave from work and started a desperate journey back to Zambia to find his wife. Discovering that his five children were scattered throughout the community and that his wife had returned to her father’s house, he set out to meet her. The passion to reunite was so deep that the journey of four days took him only two, to the point where he was 15km from the village of his father-in-law but with no transport available. “I walked the 15km on foot with the rain pouring and soaking me throughout. It was 1.00 when I finally arrived.” In the dead of night, Alex stood before his wife’s house and cried out. “When my father-in-law heard my voice, he said, ‘Alex, is that you?’ He then turned to shout, ‘Maria – your husband is here!’ ”It was a glorious moment, an unprecedented reconciliation upon 10 minutes in front of a unique television station. “Everyone was crying and we were hugging one another. In the morning, we had a meeting as a family. I had to explain to them what happened and how I got delivered through Emmanuel TV. They were surprised because what they heard about me and what they were seeing was a totally different thing. I knelt and apologised in the presence of the family, but my father-in-law stood me up and said: You remain our son. They killed a goat and we ate and celebrated together.” “It was a wonderful day,” recalled Maria. “Despite all that had happened, we were so happy to see him back in our lives – because we didn’t stop loving him. We were always praying for him and asking God to intervene in his situation – and He did!” After one week, the reunited couple returned to Botswana.

Alex’s remarkable encounter with God through Emmanuel TV signalled the last alcoholic drink he took, as well as the birth of a new relationship with Maria.“It’s like we have just been married. I never realised before how beautiful my wife is! Now when I am off work, I will be in the house, working and eating together with her. I also reunited with my children, and they came back to spend holidays with us.” It can be genuinely called a total transformation. “Thank God for the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV for what they have done – they have brought life to my life. I was a dead person who had nothing in the head apart from beer – beer was my focus. If I didn’t have a beer, I didn’t have anything. But today, I am a different person, I don’t even think about beer anymore, not a single craving.” For Maria, it’s as if she has a new husband. “There is a big, big difference in his life – now he is a new man. We can share the Bible together; we can pray together, we can do all things together. No more drinking. No more fighting. No more shouting. He is even a preacher of the Word of God now! We are enjoying our relationship!”

Her advice to couples about to enter marriage is on the necessity of involving God. “I will advise those who are entering into marriage to invite God into their life, because a marriage without God has a limit, but with God – all things are possible. To my fellow people out there, hold fast to God – our God is a good God, He never fails. Jesus is a conqueror – and once you believe in Him, you too are a conqueror with Him.”

Alex’s advice, informed by an unforgettable life-experience, is simple: “Thank God that I can give you these words of advice: do not go into alcohol. Rather choose the Lord Jesus Christ, who will give you life, who will give light to your future. Not beer – beer doesn’t give life. Beer only spoils your life and kills you in a manner that the more beer you drink, the older you become, the more you destroy yourself – your life will be miserable. Let’s hold fast to God, not the things of this world. Let’s have a new life in Him that will never put us in misery, a new life that will always bring joy and happiness. God created us in His own image, and He wants us to follow His ways. Lucky we are that we are given Emmanuel TV! We’ve been given the prophet – Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. He is not the prophet of Nigeria; he is a prophet of all nations. He is a prophet that is given to us to change our lives. Like me personally speaking now – if you saw me some years ago, you would shed tears. The tears you would be shedding are tears of joy that Emmanuel TV and its partners with Prophet T.B. Joshua have brought life to me today. I, Alex, am alive today because of Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua. All I can say is thank you!”

SOURCE: TB Joshua Blog


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Emmanuel TV Testimony: Delivered From The Spirit Of Smoking

James Mangiza couldn’t live without smoking. From the tender age of 12, the young South African literally lived in a state of dependency upon cigarettes and a drug he called ‘dagga’, popularly known as marijuana. It had been 20 years of addiction, consuming both time and finances as well as causing his health to spiral steadily downwards. However one day while James was watching Emmanuel TV with his family, Prophet T.B. Joshua began to pray for viewers around the world. It turned out to be a day he would ever remember, a day of radical change.

Smoking Dagga

Smoking Dagga

“I would like to express my gratitude to God for one of the greatest miracles which happened in my life through watching Emmanuel TV. I have been smoking cigarettes and ‘dagga’ since the age of 12 and I am now 32. I would smoke it before and after school every day. I became so addicted as I grew up that I wouldn’t do anything without fist smoking ‘dagga’ and cigarettes. Per day I would smoke ‘dagga’ 5 to 10 times and at least 20 cigarettes. I started watching Emmanuel TV with my family at the end of last year. In March this year (2011), I heard Prophet T.B. Joshua saying the viewers at home should touch the screen and that distance is not a barrier. I touched the screen as he prayed. The next morning when I tried to smoke a normal cigarette I felt like I was taking a paralyzing drug. I just couldn’t smoke it. I waited a few minutes, lit another one and this time nearly fell to the ground as I tried to smoke. From that day until now, it has been three months and I have never touched cigarettes or ‘dagga’. I am completely delivered from that spirit of smoking! Emmanuel! Thank You, Jesus!”

James Mangiza, South Africa

SOURCE: Distance Is Not A Barrier


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SCOAN London Testimony – Healed Of Cervical Cancer

Here is another powerful testimony from The SCOAN London Blog. God is really doing wonderful things in their midst through the new Anointing Water.

Rutendo had been in pains almost her entire life. For as long as she could remember, excruciating pains surrounded her lower abdomen. Since painkillers seemed to have no effect, she just had to learn to live with it. After numerous medical check-ups, the young Zimbabwean was diagnosed with the early stages of cervical cancer. Merely weeks before treatment was due to start, someone directed Rutendo to SCOAN London, advising her to seek divine intervention…

“My name is Rutendo and I live in Milton Keynes. Generally since I was a young girl I have always had problems in my lower abdomen. I used to have a lot of severe pains. I have been on antibiotics for as long as I can remember. I have had it checked out so many times by many doctors and recently I was diagnosed with early signs of cervical cancer. I was actually supposed to start treatment soon. The truth is that I have always lived in pain. I grew up with it. At school I would just start having pains. At work, I could just be sitting there watching TV and the pains would start all over my lower abdomen. It was really mysterious because even when I was young and hadn’t done anything, I would still be in pains. It was really frustrating for me, my mum and the whole family. Even the doctors would give me antibiotics but the pains would just continue. It was something that was always there. I just learned to live with the pain.”

As Rutendo stood in the midst of the congregation during the time of mass prayer at SCOAN London, a prayer poured forth from her heart. “I remember I was standing there, just praying and saying, ‘God I want a miracle to happen to me today.’ Then suddenly I felt dizzy and started falling, losing control.” Rutendo fell to the ground and began to shake wildly as the evil spirit behind her sickness began to react. “What I mostly felt was fire like a belt across my lower abdomen. It felt like there was a belt of fire there. The thing was being extracted, like something was being pulled out of my lower abdomen. It was very painful because it is like something that has been embedded and you are trying to pull it out.”

As Rutendo lay on the floor, the Anointing Water was ministered to her as God was removing every trace of sickness from her life. “As they continued spraying the Anointing Water, the fire and burning continued. After that, I just felt this peacefulness and whatever it is just left. After that, there was just a tingling sensation but all the pains had gone.”

Rising to her feet, Rutendo began to tearfully thank God. An ordeal that had lasted almost a lifetime had finally come to an end. Since that moment, Rutendo has not experienced any abdominal pains whatsoever! “Honestly, I don’t feel any lower abdominal pains. I go to bed, I walk around at work – for the first time I am not in any pains.” Aside from the obvious change in her health, Rutendo also experienced the peace of God. “I used to have a lot of anger in me. Now I feel more relieved, more peaceful and there is more clarity in my life – because I used to have a lot of confusion in making decisions. I know where I am going and I know what I want so there is no confusion any more. I feel lighter, as if a weight has been taken away. I feel like a different person. And there is no pain!”

Rutendo’s advice to others awaiting a touch from God is clear. “We should come with a receiving heart. Initially when I was standing in the congregation, I was praying, ‘God I want You to locate me today, to change and touch me.’ I know God heard that cry in me. So if you come here today and sincerely pray, ‘God locate me, I want You to touch me’ and you believe it, then I know that once the Anointing Water is ministered, your life is going to change as well.”

Hallelujah! As T.B. Joshua says, “There is never a sickness Jesus Christ cannot heal. To His power, nothing is impossible!” We thank God for this wonderful miracle. One lesson to be learned is that we must deal with the spirit behind our sickness if we are to receive a lasting solution.



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I Met A Demon On The Internet!

Here is the shocking experience of a man who was demon possessed through the internet, and how he was delivered at The SCOAN after the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua. It opens our eyes to the dangers of the internet, and how satan is using this medium to infiltrate and possess many people around the world

“My name is Urhie Anthony. I am 37 years old from Delta State, Nigeria. I am an accountant by profession. I’m also a victim of the internet. I met a guy on the internet two years ago and we started chatting. I took interest in this guy because, according to him, he was studying for his Masters in Information System Technology in NIT in the US. He resides in Missouri, in the US. Then I had already gotten two post-graduate certificates from the University of Benin but I wanted a foreign blend, so I became interested, because I saw him as someone who could encourage me and give me contact on how to secure a foreign scholarship-based post graduate programme. He started by being nice to me, encouraging me and giving me guidelines on how best to go about securing a scholarship based programme abroad. Because of his goodness and encouragement, I said, ‘There is need for me to see you. Let me see your photo. Please, can you send my your picture. Let me see how you look since we have been talking for a while now. Let me know my friend.’

TB Joshua praying for Anthony

TB Joshua praying for Anthony

“He now said, ‘Ah, are you sure you are ready to meet with me by picture? I said, ‘Yes, I want to see how you look like.’ He said, ‘Okay, don’t worry Mr Tony – I will send it tomorrow.’  He didn’t send any picture until two weeks, after my consistent pressure on him. One morning I opened my email box and saw an attachment from his email titled, ‘My Photo’. I was happy. I said, ‘At last, this guy has decided to send his picture.’ Then behold, people of God, when I opened that picture, what I saw was shocking to me. I saw this picture of a demon with two horns. On seeing the picture, I was so shocked. I asked him, ‘What is happening to you? Why this kind of picture?’ The only reply he gave was a laughter. He just wrote, ‘Ha ha – that is me. You have met me today.’

“Since that encounter, my life has never known peace. For the past two years, it has been one problem or the other. Any further attempt for me to reach him proved abortive. From that point, he disconnected all communication with me. I couldn’t reach him any more. The following day, snakes started manifesting in my house physically. In two days, I killed seven snakes in my apartment. The same colour, the same size. Seven deadly snakes in one apartment. First it was internal heat that started all over my body. As I am talking to you now, the heat is there – for the past two years now. If you can look at my eyes very well, you will see they are drooping. Right now, the heat has spread from my eyes to the whole body. I feel so heavy here – as if they tied 20 bags of cement to my body. I cannot do anything by myself; I cannot see clearly; I cannot walk a long distance – I am always tired.”

Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua then prayed for Anthony and commanded the demon that had possessed him through the internet to come out. Falling to the ground under the Anointing of God, Anthony received his deliverance. Rising to his feet, he immediately testified tht his sight was restored and the heat and heaviness had disappeared.

Urhie Anthony Testimony

Urhie Anthony shares his testimony some months later

The following week, Anthony shared his testimony, “I dont’ see demons anymore! I want to thank the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. I thank God for the grace of God upon his life and for the good works he has been doing in my life right from when I met him. Right from last Sunday to date, I have never put on these glasses. My body is free; I am okay! ”

Thank God for the awesome things HE is doing in our midst.




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Demons Manifest In T.B. Joshua’s Church, London

A number of people have told me about an event that happened yesterday in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, London Branch where the new Anointing Water sent by T.B. Joshua was ministered. Many testified that the fire of the Holy Spirit fell and there was a great outpouring of God’s power with many demonic spirits manifesting!! One reader sent me this report concerning the event…

Sunday 3rd April 2011 was a remarkable day for those in attendance at a unique church service in the heart of Central London. The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations London Branch witnessed numerous uncanny demonic manifestations amidst the worshippers during an explosive service that lasted over four hours. A packed auditorium coupled with an overflow extension saw those under satanic possession and oppression receive deliverance after the ministration of ‘Anointing Water’ sent from The SCOAN Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, headed by Prophet T.B. Joshua.

The New Anointing Water

The New Anointing Water T.B. Joshua sent to The SCOAN London Branch

The service began with a time of worship, testimony and teaching. Clips of T.B. Joshua explaining about the new Anointing Water were then shown, followed by a small documentary of the extraordinary events that occurred in Accra, Ghana at The SCOAN branch when the Anointing Water was ministered there the previous Sunday. Excitement and expectancy were palpable throughout the crowd. Thereafter, general prayer commenced and the time arose for the Anointing Water to be ministered. The service from that moment on took on another dimension as fire from heaven seemed to descend on the evil spirits within the congregation.

“Why do you people want to kill me,” a demon shrieked from within a woman. “She’s my wife, my lovely wife!” The Anointing Water was ministered as the demon, a spiritual husband, within the woman contorted her body. “I’m going now,” the voice shrieked before she fell crumpled on the floor. Rising up with joy, the woman, originally from Zimbabwe, proceeded to praise God, thanking Him for the deliverance.

“You unclean spirit, I command you to come out,” declared one of The SCOAN evangelists as she ministered the Anointing Water to another woman in the congregation. Folding her hands defiantly, the demon within the woman tried to resist. “I will not leave her,” a hoarse voice from within her spoke out. As the Anointing Water was sprayed, a look of anguish suddenly became apparent on her face and she began to run.

Attempting to leave the church, the demon within her could not stand the fire of God’s power. After a lengthy confrontation, the demon finally bowed and with a shriek left the woman as she fell to the ground. Upon her rising, the woman explained that all she remembered was a voice telling her to run out of the church. She further explained how a strange man had regularly appeared to her in her dreams, and she had experienced setback and disappointment in almost all facets of her life.

TB Joshua sends Anointing Water

It is not the water that heals, but God Himself, since the anointing is done in Jesus' name - T.B. Joshua

As the service progressed, another woman soon fell under the power of God through the Anointing Water Moving her body in a snake-like fashion, she began to crawl on the ground, trying to escape from the ministration of the Anointing Water. After being declared free, the woman explained how she had been seeing snakes tormenting her in the night for many years. “I am now delivered from the spirit of snake,” she happily testified!

The crowd watched on in rapt attention, often bursting into spontaneous applause, as dozens across the auditorium received divine touches after receiving the Anointing Water. Some fell, others shook and still more vomited, but their testimonies thereafter were unanimous – they were healed, delivered and set free in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations is known for its practical brand of Christianity. Characterised by faith healing, powerful deliverances, prophetic messages, family reconciliations and humanitarian activities, the Sunday Services at The SCOAN, Lagos are hugely popular and viewed by millions through live broadcasts on Emmanuel TV. With international branches in London, Athens, Cape Town and Accra, the ministry continues to grow in awareness and repute. Concerning the Anointing Water, T.B. Joshua says, “It is not the water that heals, but God Himself – since the anointing is done in Jesus’ name.”

SOURCE: All Voices

SCOAN London Logo

Since writing this post, The SCOAN UK Sunday Service Venue has changed. The new venue is:

SCOAN London
The City Of London Academy
240 Lynton Road,

CONTACT:, +44 7985 034222

Wow! Thank God for the awesome things He is doing – and it is very encouraging to see this happening in London! I encourage anyone who can make it to try and visit the church in London to receive their own testimony through the medium of this new Anointing Water. Praise God!


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The Spirit Of Death… Deliverance In Jesus’ Name

Here is the extraordinary deliverance testimony of a woman who was pursued and tormented by demonic forces of death, to the extent that she would see dead people wherever she went calling her to join them. Although it may sound farcical or fictional to the modern mindset, her experiences mirror those of countless people who receive deliverance at The SCOAN from evil spirits. The reality is that the spiritual world is real – and the effects of demonic spirits in this world is evident to see…

As Mrs. Gloria Okhae calmly crossed the road, little did she know that the trip from her home to a local chemist and an innocent purchase of medicine would result in a calamity that would send her out of her matrimonial home and into a living nightmare. Her stepson had fallen sick and Mrs. Gloria had purchased the medicine with every intent to nurse him back to health…

Returning to the house, she gave the child a dose of the medicine, which was to result in his sudden death – the drug from the store being both fake and fatal. Instead of his death leading to arrest and the eventual prosecution of the seller, this innocent woman was falsely accused of having deliberately killed the boy. That was the beginning of her nightmare, a terrifying experience that was to take her beyond the realm of the living: a journey to the land of the dead.

Gloria Okhae

Ms Gloria Okhae - delivered from the spirit of death

With dreams filled with visits from the dead, nights were dreaded and sleep troubled. After some time, the visions started becoming a reality and the nightmare went beyond the night. Daily life became deadly life as eating, bathing and merely walking down the street to the market were tormented by the faces of the dead haunting her and their voices disturbing her.

For Gloria Okhae, an indigene of Edo State in the southern part of Nigeria, it was a depressing and miserable life. She travelled through every nook and cranny of the state in search of a solution, finding none. Doctors informed her that her case was beyond medical solution. In Gloria’s own words: “It has been a life of struggle… it has been a life of battle with death.”

“I was being confronted with death. I sleep seeing this child in my dream and some other dead people. If I go to the market, what I see is death. If I am in the house, it is death. If am in the bathroom, it is death. I keep seeing dead people, even when I am in a car, all of a sudden the people in the car will turn to dead people. It has been a life of living among the dead.”

“When I am in the market and I want to buy something from somebody, before I get there, the person may initially be looking normal, but the moment I say: ‘How much is this commodity?’ suddenly the person would just change to a known dead person. Then I would leave. I would not buy what I wanted to buy again. Another experience is that, if I want to eat, I will see dead people. They would want to put their hands on the plate, then I would be afraid and would not eat again, and at the same time, I was getting skinny, because the moment they appear, I have to drop the food… They look like normal human beings, but in my heart, I know that they are dead, because they are familiar dead people…”

And what were these spirits of death telling her? “They will show me the time. They will tell me your time is up.”

Medical efforts defied and human solution insufficient, the woman slept one night in a state of utter despair, on the verge of giving up the struggle. However, that night proved to be a turning point as in her dream Prophet T.B. Joshua, whom she had never met in her life, appeared to her. Upon awaking, she packed her baggage and headed for Lagos, the vision spurring her on to search for The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations.

Her first encounter with the one who appeared in her dream was during The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Sunday Service, where in front of the entire church – he spoke directly to her. Following the time of prayer, led by the Holy Spirit, T.B. Joshua said: “There is a woman here, a little child died through her mistakenly. The child was sick and you went to a local chemist to buy some tablets and these tablets resulted in the death of the child. The case later became a controversy, and the Lord saved you out of it, but later you left the place. I am telling you, you are facing the spirit of death. You keep seeing this child and some dead people in your dream. You are light in complexion and tall. Stand up – among the newcomers.”

It seemed like a dream. Rationality suggested that this was not reality. Within three hours of her entering The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Mrs. Gloria Okhae received a message from a man she had never met about a situation she had never disclosed to him, in a context she never expected. ‘God’s wisdom’ was at work! Even before the conclusion of the prophecy, Mrs. Okhae stood up from the midst of the newcomers, stepped out and moved towards the altar, her hands raised in utter amazement.

Narrating her ordeal to the church, she concluded by saying, “As I was coming here today, they (the dead) were also coming with me. But when I got to the gate, they could not enter”. As the congregation cheered, the man of God prayed for Mrs. Okhae in the power of the Holy Spirit and she received the deliverance she had been crying for.

T.B. Joshua

T.B. Joshua prophesied to Mrs Okhae who received her deliverance from the spirit of death

The following Sunday, Mrs. Okhae returned to share her testimony with the entire congregation: “When I was delivered by the man of God last Sunday, I went to the shop right inside the church and asked the woman to give me some snacks and soft drinks. I came back inside the auditorium and started eating and watching to see whether there would be any negative reaction, but I did not see dead people”.

She said further: “So I went home a happy woman. When I got home, I thought maybe it is because I took the snacks inside the church – that is why the dead people did not come around me. I now asked for food to be served again in the house to know whether they would surface again. When the food was served, I was watching, because they normally come. This time, I didn’t see anything. How relieved I was! That marked the end of the threat of death! To God be the glory”.

After her deliverance, for the first time in years, her sleep was uninterrupted and peaceful: “I lay down; I slept peacefully for the first time in my life, for many years. In fact, I didn’t turn! So, since that deliverance, it has been a life of glorious liberty – and no more death”.

What more is there to say: “Where, oh death is your victory? Where, oh death is your sting? Death has been swallowed up in victory (1 Corinthians 15:54-55).”

SOURCE: Faith Cometh, Issue 1

Thank God for the wonderful deliverance Gloria received from the tormenting evil spirit of death!

If you have been delivered and set free from demonic forces, please testify to what Jesus Christ has done in your life! Share your testimony to the glory of God, and it will encourage many others to seek their own deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ.

You’ve read the testimony – now watch the video on YouTube!



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Prophetic Direction Through Dreams

Edwin Asonganyi, a seaman from Cameroon, shares his testimony about how viewing Emmanuel TV has transformed his life, explaining how Prophet T.B. Joshua has given prophetic direction and revelation to him and his wife on numerous occasions, although he has never physically been to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations…

“Emmanuel! Thank you for this opportunity to share my testimony. This is a great joy for me! I started watching Emmanuel TV in 2008. And ever since I started watching Emmanuel TV, I have seen positive changes in my life.

“In 2009 my wife became pregnant. When she was about a month away from delivery, I had a dream where Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared to me and told me that we should be careful. He told me that somebody will bring a gift to us which is not good but said we should pray and nothing will happen. About two weeks later, a man of God visited us, prayed with us and told us the same thing! And truly, I received a strange gift a few weeks later and nothing happened. My wife delivered safely.

“After the child was 3 months old, he stayed for 7 days without excreting. I called the Emmanuel TV prayer line and they prayed with me with my hand on his stomach. Before 20 minutes, he excreted!

“My family comes from a background where nobody worships God. They usually worship witchdoctors. As a child, I was taken to many of these places for protection. Emmanuel tv has shown me that all the bad dreams I was having – seeing dead people, eating in dream, girls trying to make love with me in dream – are the result of all the witchdoctors I visited. But now, anytime I have a bad dream, I will call the Emmanuel TV team to pray with me and all will be ok!

“My wife is pregnant again now, but I am out of the country – as a seaman. Four days ago she called and told me she had a dream  where see saw herself giving birth to a baby in a wrong position. I encouraged her to be in prayer and emailed the Emmanuel  TV team, asking them for prayer and attaching our photos. The next day she called and told me that Prophet TB Joshua came to her in her dream and told her not to worry. He then prophesied to her in the dream, saying, ‘Before you were very clever, but now you always write exams and fail.’ She said, ‘Yes’. The prophet said, ‘This has been giving you a lot of worry.’ Then the prophet said to her, ‘Don’t worry-  I am seeing you as a nurse, and i see you going out of the country.’

“Prophet T.B. Joshua is a true man of god. He has done many good things in my life. Sometimes when I am praying to God, HE will tell me in my dream with God all things are possible. I have never been to The SCOAN but I believe distance is not a barrier. Always leave your problems to God and you will receive an answer, in Jesus’ name!

“I pray that GOD should make a way for me to visit the SCOAN for my complete deliverance, and I believe this light will also shine in our family! May God continue to increase in the life of  Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Team. Thank you for your time, thank you for your patience and thank you for your love. God bless you!”

Thanks for sharing your testimony Edwin. We believe at God’s time, you and your family will have the opportunity to visit The SCOAN. Please keep us updated with what God is doing in your life and career!

If you have been watching Emmanuel TV and have a testimony to share, don’t keep it to yourself! Glorify God and tell the world what HE is doing! You can share your testimony via this blog here. God bless!


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