Emmanuel TV Testimony: Delivered From The Spirit Of Smoking

James Mangiza couldn’t live without smoking. From the tender age of 12, the young South African literally lived in a state of dependency upon cigarettes and a drug he called ‘dagga’, popularly known as marijuana. It had been 20 years of addiction, consuming both time and finances as well as causing his health to spiral steadily downwards. However one day while James was watching Emmanuel TV with his family, Prophet T.B. Joshua began to pray for viewers around the world. It turned out to be a day he would ever remember, a day of radical change.

Smoking Dagga

Smoking Dagga

“I would like to express my gratitude to God for one of the greatest miracles which happened in my life through watching Emmanuel TV. I have been smoking cigarettes and ‘dagga’ since the age of 12 and I am now 32. I would smoke it before and after school every day. I became so addicted as I grew up that I wouldn’t do anything without fist smoking ‘dagga’ and cigarettes. Per day I would smoke ‘dagga’ 5 to 10 times and at least 20 cigarettes. I started watching Emmanuel TV with my family at the end of last year. In March this year (2011), I heard Prophet T.B. Joshua saying the viewers at home should touch the screen and that distance is not a barrier. I touched the screen as he prayed. The next morning when I tried to smoke a normal cigarette I felt like I was taking a paralyzing drug. I just couldn’t smoke it. I waited a few minutes, lit another one and this time nearly fell to the ground as I tried to smoke. From that day until now, it has been three months and I have never touched cigarettes or ‘dagga’. I am completely delivered from that spirit of smoking! Emmanuel! Thank You, Jesus!”

James Mangiza, South Africa

SOURCE: Distance Is Not A Barrier



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6 responses to “Emmanuel TV Testimony: Delivered From The Spirit Of Smoking


    How wonderful! Emmanuel -God with us God is with us indeed. This has raised my faith. Many of my relatives , friends and neighbours are alcoholic smokers and drug addicts. I pray that they are all delivered in the Might name of Jesus Amen

  2. Elizabeth Assifuah

    Praise our God. He is faithful. The Man of God is REAL.

  3. Faith rocks,Amen,May God Bless you abundantly

  4. Amen,Thank you Jesus,please increase the number of years Prophet TB Joshua has to live on Earth.He stand for the souls on a gap to inercede for then,A South Africa was dilivered from dagga,he started smoking dagga at the age of 12,how many 12 year South African who are still in a deep trouble of smoking dagga,Please prophet kindly pray for South African teens
    .Sizwesamazulu Zulu

  5. Coollady

    May God bless Snr TB Josua and the group. Plse man of God deliver me I know I have a spiritual huband since I, have never been married before. All I have is dream of marrying and having children and now I have turn 47 years. Please deliver me man of God.

  6. PFC

    Emmanuel – God with us.
    Thanks God Almighty for delivering J Mangiza from smoking. Snr T B Joshua you are real a friend of God Almighty he is using you in a greater way. What you have done for people all over the world and in Nigeria is pleasing God Almighty and what you are going to do to people will still please God Almighty. The covenant you have made with our Lord Jesus Christ will still hold on. Better is not good enough but the best is yet to come
    Hebrews 12 : 28
    Therefore since we are receiving a Kingdom that cannot be shaken let us be thankfull and worship God Almighty which pleases him with reverence and awe for our God is a consuming fire.
    Provebs 18 : 10
    The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are safe.

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