Promotion Through Prayer On Emmanuel TV

Miriam from Zambia wrote this testimony about receiving promotion in her workplace after praying along with T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. God is good, all the time!

“My name is Miriam Longwe of Kitwe, Zambia. I want to testify that in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, all things are possible! God made a way for me where there seemed to be no way.  

“Last year in June 2010,  I applied for a job at Africonnect Zambia Ltd, the same company I was working in as a cleaner in their offices. I kept on crying to my God and praying along with T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. This year, Jesus has done it for me! I was miraculously promoted from cleaner to an OFFICE ATTENDENT thanks to the Man of God T.B. Joshua and his encouragement and prayers on Emmanuel TV. Thank You, Jesus! Amen!”

We thank God for bringing breakthrough and promotion to Miriam. The best is yet to come!

If you have a testimony to share after viewing Emmanuel TV, please share it here for the glory of God!



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8 responses to “Promotion Through Prayer On Emmanuel TV

  1. Gogaisamang

    Glory be to GOd. Let us trust in him.The impossible are possible…You can have a high position that you did not train for because our Lord is good

  2. Selebaleng

    I want God to touch me in everything i do, i am realy blessed by reading testimonies of others and believe what God has done for others he can do it for me,

  3. Selebaleng

    I want to always pray with tv joshua i like them they bless me

  4. PFC

    Snr Prophet T B Joshua you are a true servant of God Almighty you said nothing is impossible with God Almighty. If you ask anything from God Almighty he will give you that is if you believe. God loves us.

  5. After put the skul bills fee on the sons were selected and the fees were reduced.pls Im in lot of debts.Im a husband past away 2010.the firstwife +families.tuk shebeen.the last meeting wl be 4June.pls pray 4 me and sons.Mum.Sistas.wear 8girls but only 2 married.not even my only brother.Im planing 2 only financial problems.pls help man of God Dad is also late.he was a Pastor.Im running.the church.Vineyard Fellowship

  6. manga

    thank you so much pastor T. B Joshua for the passion you have for Christ and his people, i was so moved by what you are doing for the poor be very blessed! i wish i had a job…

  7. Distanace Is Not A Barrie Thanks Alot For What You Are Doing In My Life Thanks

  8. Jennifer Chan Yuet Mee

    I have written earlier but I have left out on my financial problem. Since I have the breast cancer I have stop work and my son is still in college. I have applied to for SOCSO which is a form of insurance coverage for working people for the invalidity pension scheme. They have rejected my application and closed the file. The reason they give is because I was 4 mths late. The cut off age to apply for this scheme is age 55 years but I was 55 year 4 mth when I apply as I discover the cancer 4 mth after my 55 year. I pray that God will do a miracle for me and let me get the pension fund.
    I am desperately in need of this fund and I hope Prophet TB Joshua will have compassion for me and help me.
    A million thanks to you Lord Jesus Christ and Prophet TB Joshua.

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