My Life Has Changed!

Laksyita from Australia wrote to us with a general expression of praise and thanksgiving to God!

“I am giving thanksgiving to God because HE is answering my prayers. Thanks for all those who God has sent into my life to help and take care of me. I am giving thanks because God has given me the opportunity to apologize and confess all my sins. Thank you God because my life has changed for better. He has cleansed me and brought me back into the baptism to be His son. He has sent a helper to help me in my scholarship and job. He has been opening my friends heart to forgive me and become friends again. I am so happy – more than ever before. I cannot stop praising God. I love Him. For others who are in a struggle, seek help in God because He’ll help you as He has helped me. Remember that you must believe in order to receive. Thanks for all who have been praying for me. God bless you!

Well, we thank God for His grace! As T.B. Joshua says, “The evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed.”


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  1. PFC

    Emmanuel – God is with us
    Our living God Almighty is a loving, and faithfull God. Let us love , pray, read his word, beilive him and meditate on his word. God Almighty is using Snr Prophet T B Joshua to perform the miracles.

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