SCOAN UK Testimony: Sickle Cell Anaemia Healing

I just read this faith-building testimony from The SCOAN London blog about a young man who was miraculously healed of sickle cell anaemia, a condition that tormented him from the very onset of his life…

Since birth. That is how long the young Ghanaian Victor Appiah had been facing the scourge and stigma of sickle cell anaemia. Faced with constant joint pains and an inability to control his bladder, Victor grew up accustomed to pain killers and regular hospital visits, alongside the grim prognosis that this would be a necessity for the rest of his life. His sleep was often rudely disrupted, the pains reaching such excruciating levels that the body simply had to wake up. The future seemed bleak.

However, when one of Victor’s uncles returned from a trip to his homeland Ghana, he came with a message of hope. During his travels, Victor’s uncle had stumbled across Emmanuel TV and was awestruck at the power of God in action he witnessed. He saw incurable sicknesses healed, those oppressed by the devil delivered and remarkable prophetic messages to individuals given by T.B. Joshua. A brief look online revealed there was a SCOAN Branch in London. Hope was restored. Faith soared.

“My name is Victor Ojoa Appiah. I’m from Edmonton, London but originally from Ghana. I was born with sickle cell anaemia. I had lots of pain in my body and my joints – I couldn’t sleep well. My bladder was hurting as well. The urine would just come out, even in public places. I wouldn’t be able to control myself. I’d been to hospital and they gave me lots of medicine but the problem still persisted.”  

The week Victor came to The SCOAN London was the monthly prayer line. “When I received prayer, I felt something touching me. Strength returned.” From that day forward, every sign and symptom of the incurable sickle cell anaemia has left Victor. “Ever since that moment, I’ve not been urinating on myself anymore. I feel healthy now. I am strong and energetic. I’m feeling okay now and I sleep well!” His message to others: “Believe in God. He can do anything.”

Victor’s mother stood joyously next to her son as they testified. A burden that stretched over a decade had been miraculously lifted.“We’ve been through a lot. He’d been having pains all over the body. The pain killers that he had been taking were very strong. He had literally always been in pain, especially in his chest and tummy. This sickle cell also affected his manhood. He would arrive home, his clothes wet with urine. His ill-health really affected me because I could see my son was not developing as he ought.” When prayers were offered in Jesus’ name that Sunday at SCOAN London, the changes were almost instantaneous. “Ever since then, he has never even taken a painkiller – not even a paracetemol! He can now control his urine. There is such a difference and it is so wonderful to behold! Now Victor is healed. I know he is healed because there is no symptom of sickle cell anaemia at all. Thank You, Jesus!”


Thank God for the wonderful things HE is doing at SCOAN London through the new Anointing Water.


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  1. Elizabeth Assifuah

    If God Almighty is healing Cancer, what is Sickle Cell Disease? We bless God for this testimony which will encourage many to trust in the healing power of Christ through (the new Anointing Water) His anointed Servant Prophet TB Joshua.

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