Swollen Head Bursts Open…

I just saw this on YouTube and was amazed/ shocked! A boy with a swollen head receives the new Anointing Water and immediately afterwards a fluid starts gushing forth from his head. It’s graphic and not for the faint of heart – but a powerful reminder that there is nothing impossible with God. As T.B. Joshua says, “The Gospel of God’s grace changes and challenges everything. To His power, nothing is impossible.”



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6 responses to “Swollen Head Bursts Open…

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  2. PFC

    Emmanuel – God with us.
    What a Mighty God we serve. Let us all clap our hands and praise our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord Jesus Christ has the power to heal without an operation. Lord Jesus Christ used the medium anointing water to drain the fluid which was on the little boys head. People of God trust and believe and have faith in God Almighty. He can change your situation if you accept him as your personal savior

  3. Elizabeth Assifuah

    PRaise Jesus! this is the handy work of Christ Jesus and none else. Awesome! Never seen a thing like this even though a lot of wonderful miracles happen at the SCOAN. Lord God, fill our hearts and our whole being with thy praise so that we will be able to tell others about you. Amen


    Glory be to God! Thank you Jesus for the life of Prophet TB Joshua and emmanuel TV.

  5. Kitty Malambo Kapatuka

    I thank God for anointing prophet T.B Joshua i get blessed when i listen to his teaching, he is truly man of God because he is humble,generous, kind, patience, a person who has got the characters of Jesus Christ, a person who takes many people’s burden around the world to be his, a person who sacrifices his time to help delivering many people out of their problems through Jesus Christ. May the good Lord keep on blessing him and give him good health in both physical and spiritually.

  6. freddy banda

    I believe in miracles, without a problem, miracles can not
    Place. Glory be to God for his mighty power at work
    In the life prophet t b joshua.

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