48 Hours Left To Live: Healed Of Pneumonia And Meningitis

Last week, I heard this simply incredible testimony on Emmanuel TV concerning the New Anointing Water. A baby who was born prematurely and infected with pneumonia, meningitis and adenovirus was given 48 hours to live. But within 3 hours of receiving the Anointing Water, everything changed! Here is a transcript of the wonderful testimony, as heard on Emmanuel TV:

The New Anointing Water

The New Anointing Water ministered to Mr Ali's baby

Emmanuel. God is with us! Our names are Mr and Mrs Fabien Ali. We reside in South Africa. The baby with us here is our son. This baby, at the 7th month of pregnancy experienced distress in his mother’s womb. As a result of that, the doctor had to order an emergency operation to remove him from the womb – because he felt that the baby had a better chance of survival outside than inside the womb. After the baby was removed, a lot of complications set in.

It was discovered that the baby had a lot of infections. He had contracted infections while in the womb after the mother’s water had broken. One of the infections was pneumonia. And then there was another infection which affects the upper respiratory tract – they call it adenovirus. The second one is a bacteria which causes meningitis in premature babies. So the situation was very critical – because every day his health was going down the drain.

The doctor gave up after three weeks and he was now preparing us for the worst. He called us and told us that he doesn’t expect the baby to live more than two days. On hearing that, I decided to call my sister who lives in Lagos here and I told her to go to The SCOAN. I asked my sister in Lagos to get me the Anointing Water and DHL it immediately to South Africa. The Anointing Water arrived within 48 hours by DHL.

DHL Plane

The Anointing Water arrived within 48 hours by DHL

I received the Anointing Water about 10am in the morning. After I received the Anointing Water, I went straight to the hospital and I told the nurse there, ‘You might not understand what I am about to do now, but just give me a chance.’ The nurse obliged. She allowed me and then I ministered the Anointing Water to the baby.

There is this test they do every day to find out how much the bacteria had advanced in his system. Under normal circumstances, that bacteria is supposed to be less than 1 in a human being, but the babies was standing at ‘244’. They told me another test was going to be carried out by 1pm that same day. I ministered the Anointing Water at about 10am.

I decided to hang around the hospital to find out what the result of the test was going to be. My wife’s phone rang and the nurse from the hospital told us that she had good news for us. She said we should come into the hospital. When we came into the hospital, she explained to us that from the test that was carried out, that the particular virus that attacks the upper respiratory tract – they could not find it in the baby any longer! Secondly, the bacteria that was standing at 244, the nurse said that after the test they did, it had come down to 112. Finally, the pneumonia has disappeared from the baby!

Because the baby could not breathe on his own, they had connected a pipe through his throat into his lung in order for the machine to pump oxygen out of his lung and into his lung. It was a very pitiful sight to see the baby connected to all those tubes. So, being that the situation had improved, I asked the doctor, ‘What are we going to do now? Are we still going to leave him with the tube they put through his throat into his lung?’ The doctor told me that he is not in any hurry at all to remove that particular pipe – because he still wants to monitor him. I said, ‘How long?’ He said he would monitor him for two to three weeks. I accepted it like that. The next morning when I came back to the hospital with my wife, I found out that the tube was out from the baby and the drip was no longer on the baby!

I asked them, ‘What happened? Has the doctor changed his mind? Have they decided to move the tube and the drip?’ They said no, that at midnight they found the pipe lying beside the baby. Praise God! They told me the baby removed the pipe and the drip at night. That was after I applied the Anointing Water! I have come here to testify to the whole world concerning the healing power of God in the Anointing Water.

Even before I came here (The SCOAN), I went to the doctor to do a final check. My baby is more than 100% healthy! Children of God, I would like you to join me in giving glory to God Almighty, in Jesus’ name. My baby is healthy, my wife is healthy and everybody in my family are healthy – thanks be to God!

Jesus lives. HE never said, ‘Goodbye.’ I was very encouraged by this testimony and I believe your faith has been strengthened by reading it! Thank God for how HE is using the medium of the New Anointing Water around the world. Thank God for the life and ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua!



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5 responses to “48 Hours Left To Live: Healed Of Pneumonia And Meningitis

  1. Ntazana Nandazi Mweemba

    I am a Zambian woman who loves to watch the Emmanuel TV and am always touched by the work the man of God is doing in peoples lives.
    I believe God has something for me through the Prophet and I strongly believe all my troubles will be over.
    My plea is that you may send me a wrist band for myself and one for my husband and also some anointing water.
    I intend to travel to the synagogue in future,when i am granted a chance to go on leave from work.
    I’ll gladly appreciate it if you could send me those items.
    May God continue to use you and continue to bless youabundantly!

    Be blessed!

  2. Nhlanhla

    I really don’t have much to say at this juncture except to see Pastor Joshua delivering me, before the endof today, the13th of June, 2011. I have just asked my husband to pick me up on Thursday and he tells me he will go home. It is alweays about his home, mom and brothers.I am praying that he realizes that I need him as a husband.It is our 26tyh year in marriage on 16 November 2011, but my husband, Thembinkosi Malinga still listens to his mother hiw he should treat me. He goes out with girlfriends and gives lots of money to them. Please, we need him back to be a loving husband and a father.

    Thank you for this deliverance!!!! Thank you pastor, thank you, thank you!!

  3. Jennifer Chan Yuet Mee

    My name is Jennifer Chan Yuet Mee. I am a widow and have a 21 years old son. I desperately need you to send me the Anointing Water & the wrist band
    as I have breast cancer and I need our Lord Jesus Christ to deliver my son from the addition of the computer game and go back to his study. He is studying Law. My address No 29, Jalan PU 1/3, Puchong Utama, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, West Malaysia. My e-mail address is chan.jym@gmail.com.

  4. My name is Kenny Dithole. I am 21 and go to University of Botswana i watch Emmanuel and i believe Prophet TB Joshua is greatly anointed my Lord Jesus. I desperately need someone who can send be anointed water and a wristband i want to delivermy family and my self. um in Botswana, my phone number +26772605837, bdithole@gmail.com

  5. Im desparate in need of the annoiting water am in S.A am older than 20 we are sick our family and we also have problem. we believe every bad things wil be our past.

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