I Met A Demon On The Internet!

Here is the shocking experience of a man who was demon possessed through the internet, and how he was delivered at The SCOAN after the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua. It opens our eyes to the dangers of the internet, and how satan is using this medium to infiltrate and possess many people around the world

“My name is Urhie Anthony. I am 37 years old from Delta State, Nigeria. I am an accountant by profession. I’m also a victim of the internet. I met a guy on the internet two years ago and we started chatting. I took interest in this guy because, according to him, he was studying for his Masters in Information System Technology in NIT in the US. He resides in Missouri, in the US. Then I had already gotten two post-graduate certificates from the University of Benin but I wanted a foreign blend, so I became interested, because I saw him as someone who could encourage me and give me contact on how to secure a foreign scholarship-based post graduate programme. He started by being nice to me, encouraging me and giving me guidelines on how best to go about securing a scholarship based programme abroad. Because of his goodness and encouragement, I said, ‘There is need for me to see you. Let me see your photo. Please, can you send my your picture. Let me see how you look since we have been talking for a while now. Let me know my friend.’

TB Joshua praying for Anthony

TB Joshua praying for Anthony

“He now said, ‘Ah, are you sure you are ready to meet with me by picture? I said, ‘Yes, I want to see how you look like.’ He said, ‘Okay, don’t worry Mr Tony – I will send it tomorrow.’  He didn’t send any picture until two weeks, after my consistent pressure on him. One morning I opened my email box and saw an attachment from his email titled, ‘My Photo’. I was happy. I said, ‘At last, this guy has decided to send his picture.’ Then behold, people of God, when I opened that picture, what I saw was shocking to me. I saw this picture of a demon with two horns. On seeing the picture, I was so shocked. I asked him, ‘What is happening to you? Why this kind of picture?’ The only reply he gave was a laughter. He just wrote, ‘Ha ha – that is me. You have met me today.’

“Since that encounter, my life has never known peace. For the past two years, it has been one problem or the other. Any further attempt for me to reach him proved abortive. From that point, he disconnected all communication with me. I couldn’t reach him any more. The following day, snakes started manifesting in my house physically. In two days, I killed seven snakes in my apartment. The same colour, the same size. Seven deadly snakes in one apartment. First it was internal heat that started all over my body. As I am talking to you now, the heat is there – for the past two years now. If you can look at my eyes very well, you will see they are drooping. Right now, the heat has spread from my eyes to the whole body. I feel so heavy here – as if they tied 20 bags of cement to my body. I cannot do anything by myself; I cannot see clearly; I cannot walk a long distance – I am always tired.”

Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua then prayed for Anthony and commanded the demon that had possessed him through the internet to come out. Falling to the ground under the Anointing of God, Anthony received his deliverance. Rising to his feet, he immediately testified tht his sight was restored and the heat and heaviness had disappeared.

Urhie Anthony Testimony

Urhie Anthony shares his testimony some months later

The following week, Anthony shared his testimony, “I dont’ see demons anymore! I want to thank the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. I thank God for the grace of God upon his life and for the good works he has been doing in my life right from when I met him. Right from last Sunday to date, I have never put on these glasses. My body is free; I am okay! ”

Thank God for the awesome things HE is doing in our midst.





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  1. well,hie there,my commemt to you is that you should abide by god always.pray so that every demonic spirit shall lose its power.as a 14yr old girl,thats how me and god fights all battles.goodbye

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