TB Joshua’s Charitable Ministry

Aside from the ministries of healing, deliverance and prophecy, there is also a wonderful ministry of charity at The SCOAN where the less privileged and disadvantaged in society are financially and materially supported.
The following account is that of a widow who was forced to fast for a hellish 22 days as part of a traditional ritual to confirm if she was responsible for her husband’s death…

Another Ministry

The ministry of charity at The SCOAN

“MY husband cared for me and my children,” explained Mrs Elizabeth Nwose, solemnly reflecting on the incident that changed her family’s fortunes for ever. “So when the accident happened, things turned upside down.” It was a motor-accident, resulting in instant death. With four teenage sons all pursuing their education, and the bread-winner of the home suddenly taken away, panic soon set in. “In my mind, I said: ‘God, what will I do with these children now this has happened? Who shall I meet for help?’ ” For Mrs Nwose, a middle-aged mother from Delta State, life had literally turned its back on her.
Cultural tradition demanded she follow her husband’s family back to their native village and observe a time of mourning. Unknown to her, they had other plans. “They felt I was responsible for his death… Because all my children are boys, they didn’t want anything to harm them. They thought if I am behind his death, my children too will start dying one after the other.” The method used to determine Mrs Nwose’s innocence or guilt may be hard for the 21st century mindset to comprehend. It was a crude, gruelling, heartless process. “They took me to a bush in the forest. Nobody was there, only me. No food, no water, and only a wrapper around my body. I stayed there for twenty-two days. Night and day.” Heavy rain fell for three days of the ordeal, alongside the mosquitoes biting, the insects crawling and the wild animals threatening. “I cried day and night – only me. My prayer everyday was ‘God, don’t allow snakes or bad animals to meet me here.’ ” Hope dwindled to the point of despair as her life lay on a precipice, drifting in and out of consciousness. On the verge of giving up, Mrs Nwose had a unique experience that brought strength and solace in the midst of her storm.
The SCOAN Widows Forum

Elizabeth Nwose at The SCOAN Widow's Forum

“It was just like a dream. An old man appeared to me with a walking stick. He said, ‘My daughter look at me’; then I raised my face and recognised his face as the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. He said, ‘Don’t be afraid – God is with you day and night’ – and he disappeared.” Supernaturally strengthened, Elizabeth’s resolve to live was renewed and hope once again took hold of her heart. Two more times, Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared to her in the guise of an old man, offering words of comfort and reassurance. “He said I shouldn’t be afraid,” Nwose reminisced. After what seemed like an eternity in the night of the 22nd day, a man came to take Elizabeth, bringing a new wrapper for her to wear and instructing her to abandon the old one in the bush. He seemed surprised she had endured the trial. “They thought I would die at that place and know by that that my hands are not clean,” she explained. But the ordeal was not yet over. “They took me that night to my father’s compound around 2.00 am when there was nobody in sight. I was not permitted to see anybody and nobody could see me at that time. They kept me inside one room; I stayed inside there for 10 days.”

Mrs Nwose had lost her appetite entirely and could barely eat the few meals that were provided at that time. Her physical condition was frail, but her spirit was strong. “After the 10 days, they brought me out around 2.00 am and took me to our market square. Inside the market, they did the sacrifice. When we got to the house, my hair was shaved and I was asked to go and take my bath. After my bath, they buried the hair at the particular place together with the wrapper I was wearing, and I was asked to come out.” Vindicated and free from the accusation of being behind her husband’s demise, people rushed out to congratulate Nwose. “It was like a ceremony indeed. Many people would come and greet me and say, ‘My daughter, God has brought you out, and your hands are clean.’ ”

TB Joshua at The SCOAN Widow's Forum

TB Joshua at The SCOAN Widow's Forum

Released to leave the village, Elizabeth returned to Lagos. “My children were the ones that cared for me when I finally returned from the village. All over my body were rashes because mosquitoes had bitten everywhere.” Remembering her vision in the forest, Mrs Nwose set out to visit The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations and Prophet T.B. Joshua once her strength was renewed to narrate her experience. As providence would have it, she arrived on the day of The SCOAN Widow’s Forum where widows in dire situations from across the country had come to receive assistance, both morally and materially. “I explained everything that happened to me and Prophet T.B. Joshua gave me N150, 000 to go and establish myself that day,” Mrs Nwose smiled. “I just knelt down and thanked God for using the man of God to give me this money. I kept asking myself: who would I have run to at this particular time?” Since receiving aid, Prophet T.B. Joshua has given scholarships to her four children, promising his support throughout their tertiary education. The in-laws who cruelly confirmed her innocence had refused to aid the family. “They don’t want to take up their responsibilities; they abandoned me and the children. Since my husband died nobody has come to my house to ask after us. I go to them but they are running from me. It is only Prophet T.B. Joshua that God is using to give me help till today.”

SOURCE: Read Us Edition 3

We thank God for the wonderful testimonies of people who have been supported through the humanitarian ministry at The SCOAN. If you have a testimony, please share it with us – for the glory of God!


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  1. God is wonderful,he is there for us.I thank pastor TB Joshua for helping the less previledged people.I believe that all my problems are over by time you read my message.

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