Saved From Satanic Snake Attack

Here is another wonderful testimony from Dorothy, who wrote to us from Zimbabwe. She was saved from satanic attacks after she saw a Wise Man from The SCOAN in a dream…

Wise Man John Chi

Wise Man John Chi, one of the Wise Men at The SCOAN

“From a young age, I have always had bad dreams where I would be attacked by snakes. Any time I had these dreams, it caused so much frustration and setback in my life and relationships with other people. It was after discovering Emmanuel TV that I realized I needed deliverance and prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua when he prayed for viewers. I felt the power of God touch me!

“That night I dreamed I was passing accross a bridge and I saw a python in the water. The person I was walking with asked me to join him to have a look at it, but I refused. All of a sudden the python tried to wrap around me, but I escaped. I then heard people shouting that the python was caged in a closet in some room. I heard people shouting for Anointing Water and saw one of the Wise Men spraying the Anointing Water on the snake and shouting, ‘Holy Ghost Fire! Holy Ghost Fire!’

“Later I saw people carrying the python on a platter shouting at me to come and see it  burned. All I could say was that I wanted to take a picture of it so that I would take it to The SCOAN for my testimony!

“Thank you Jesus, for I know I am delivered from these evil spirits! Since then, I have never had such dreams again and there is peace within me. Thank You Jesus for the mercies shown to me, a sinner. Glory to God!”

We thank God for the life of Dorothy and the deliverance she has received since tuning in to Emmanuel TV. Truly, God is good, all the time!

I believe many people reading this testimony may have had some similar experiences – being attacked by strange forces in the dream and seeing negative consequences in their lives. The answer is in Jesus Christ, who is able to disconnect you from those chains of satan when you come to Him in sincerity and faith. I encourage you to watch Emmanuel TV, especially the live services from The SCOAN on Sunday. God is really using this simple television station to bring deliverance and freedom to so many people around the world!

If you have a testimony to share, please send it to us for publication in this blog. It would be great to hear from you. Remember, your testimony will encourage many others to come and receive their own touch from Jesus Christ.

NB – For those not familiar with the ministry, the ‘Wise Men’ referred to above are ministers of God that have been raised up at The SCOAN, and God is using them just as HE is using Prophet T.B. Joshua in terms of deliverance, healing and prophecy. Watch Emmanuel TV to see more!


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