Emmanuel TV Miracle In Harare, Zimbabwe

The following is an excerpt from an article by Grace Mutandwa, an acclaimed Zimbabwean journalist writing for the Financial Gazette in Zimbabwe. She explains how a friend of hers was miraculously healed through watching Emmanuel TV:

Two weeks ago I went to visit a friend who had been injured in a road accident in 2008. Doctors said she would never walk again. Her pelvic bone was out of kilter and she needed the help of a pelvic surgeon and we have none in Zimbabwe. She found one in Nottingham in Britain but he was unsure he could help her after looking at her X-rays.

Last year this young woman was watching the man of God, TB Joshua, on Emmanuel TV, when there was a prayer session for all afflictions or problems. She was bed-ridden but needed to stretch out her hand and touch the TV screen while praying.

A friend looking after her suggested they form a chain of stretched hands to reach the screen, which they did and started praying. A day later she was able to walk with crutches, which confounded her doctor. He ordered fresh X-rays. She could walk but her pelvis was still out of kilter and scientifically there was no way she could walk.

On the day I went to see her, she was leaving Harare for Lagos, Nigeria to go to TB Joshua’s Synagogue and prayer mountain. She is a young woman of great faith. She has been strong and remained cheerful when the chips were down.

She came back home last Thursday and is walking with no crutches and has a very slight limp and expects to be fully healed in a month. I spent some time with her Monday afternoon and saw a steady stream of friends and relatives coming to witness a miracle. I wish you the miracle of waking up everyday and lifelong serenity. May love continue to be the compass of your being.

SOURCE: The Financial Gazette, Zimbabwe

Have you been healed through watching Emmanuel TV? Share your testimony with us. You can submit your testimony here or email tbj.testimonies@gmail.com for your faith-building story to be published on this blog.



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3 responses to “Emmanuel TV Miracle In Harare, Zimbabwe

  1. Dilmeta Alemayehu from Gondar, Ethiopia

    happy birthday the respected man of GOD,prophet TB. Joshua.
    may GOD bless you again and again.amen .We are blessed with all the services given through Emmanuel TV in the SCOAN .

  2. Dussey Delali

    Please i and my wife are having body, back pain joint pain please pray for us

  3. I want full faith in Jesus because when he spokes to me i accept & then after some time when the promise is longer i become lonly please praye for me you man of god i am from Ethiopia, awassa

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