Healed From Sickle Cell Anaemia Through Emmanuel TV

Emmanuel TV is a really powerful television station that God is using to heal people worldwide. The following testimony is one I found on the Emmanuel TV Website. I know many people out there have similar testimonies to share. Please don’t keep them to yourself! Let your light shine before men and tell the world what He is doing in your life! Email tbjoshua.testimonies@gmail.com  or submit your testimony here and I will publish testimonies on this blog, for the glory of God. In any case, enjoy this one…


As Ayodele rushed into hospital, breathing fast and heart beating frantically, he could only pray that his daughter would pull through. Sickness ravaged her system and doctors labelled her condition as critical. This was not his first visit to hospital, and it wasn’t to be his last. Titilayo had sickle cell anaemia, an incurable and debilitating disease that had plagued her since childhood. Hospital to hospital, drug to drug, desperation to desperation – there seemed no way out. That was until one remarkable Sunday. There was light at the end of the tunnel.

“On Sunday at about 4pm, I was watching Emmanuel TV with my family and Prophet T.B. Joshua was healing and delivering people. He said while he was praying that he wanted everyone under the influence of the telecast to stretch their hands towards the screen – that distance is not a barrier, and he began to pray. Me and my family, especially my daughter Titilay0, whom we asked to place her head on the screen at the same point Prophet T.B. Joshua stretched his hand, prayed with him in faith.

“The next day, Monday, I took my daughter to a medical laboratory for a genotype test. My mind kept telling me to go and test her, that she is healed. I was so surprised when the nurse gave me the result and I saw that it was AA genotype! I asked the nurse if the test was done properly, and she was shocked and slightly embarassed by the question! I immediately realised that God had done it – because this same laboratory had carried out the test on my daughter, Titilayo, before and the result was at then SS genotype. But I did not stop there. I proceeded to another laboratory, and after the test the result was again AA genotype! Praise the LORD! My faith is greatly increased and this has made me believe the man of God’s slogan, ‘The best is yet to come.’ Titilayo, my daughter, is nine years old.”

Hopes of a bright future without the stigma of such a sickness has been restored for Titilayo. Indeed, the best is yet to come!

SOURCE: Emmanuel TV Testimonies

Praise God!


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