Emmanuel TV Testimony: I Felt Electrified!

In the coming months, I will be bringing many testimonies from viewers of Emmanuel TV. Here is the first, a testimony from the Emmanuel TV Website!

Looking tentatively at his arm, Rodreck became increasingly concerned. Where did this abscess come from? Would the swelling ever stop? The pains were great and fears of tomorrow filled the young Zimbabweans thoughts. However, in a simple act of obedience the following Sunday, those fears were replaced with a strong faith!

“I am one of your millions of viewers across the globe. I had a growing abscess on my left arm. During the live service, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked viewers to touch the screens of their televisions and pray with him. I did so and as I was touching the screen, I felt electrified in my entire body. Immediately afterwards, the pains in my arm began to grow faint. The following day, the swelling was less and by the third day, it had completely gone!”

Such electricity was the resurrection power of Jesus flowing into Rodreck’s body. When the power of God is present, healing is like breathing!

SOURCE: Emmanuel TV Website

If you have a testimony from viewing Emmanuel TV, it would be wonderful to hear from you! Share your testimony with the world! You can email me your testimony for publication on this blog on tbj.testimonies@gmail.com or submit them here.

God bless!


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