Let The Testimonies Begin!

Greetings blogosphere!

First and foremost, a quick introduction to who I am and what I want to acheive with this blog.

Well… I am a young man, brought up in a Christian home in South Africa. I was a regular church-goer, but soon saw that it was mostly tradition and convention. Sure, there were nice ‘feel-good’ sermons. There were great times of moving praise and worship. I met some great people who became good friends.  But no power. No miracles. No testimonies. Just formality.

I soon became disillusioned and grew distant from the church. What I read in the Bible seemed so different to what I was seeing week-in week-out on Sunday. My heart ached.

Then, one fateful day, I stumbled across a television station that soon changed everything. Emmanuel TV. It’s a television station from Nigeria (of all places!), showing the work of God through a man called T.B. Joshua, and his ministry The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN for short).

I was pretty skeptical at first. It was just so surreal. The demon possessed being delivered and manifesting wildly. Pin point prophecies to people revealing extraordinary details about their lives. The sick and afflicted falling under the power of God and rising up well and healed. But in spite of the odd dodgy english, some cheesy editting and frequent repeated programs, what I saw gripped me. It was if the desires of my heart found a resting place. It’s actually difficult to explain, but what I read in the Gospels of Jesus and the Book of Acts were happening before my eyes.

To cut a long story short… – my life has been remarkably changed ever since I started watching Emmanuel TV some time last year. My faith in Christ is soaring. My commitment and resolve to serve Him is stronger than ever. And I am a living witness that Jesus Christ is alive and Hebrews 13:8 is a reality. This is real!

So, why this blog?

Well, in the course of my discussion with people, I have witnessed what I would call a ‘marmite effect’, probably due to the unsavoury rumours people have heard online. People seem to either love this ministry or hate it with a passion!  I have read all sorts of uncomplimentary stories online, but my own experience counter them. And my own testimony mirrors countless others whom I have watched on Emmanuel TV and spoken with in the course of sharing my own.

So,  I want to give people the opportunity to share their testimonies. To tell the world their stories. I have met people who have been healed from incurable diseases just through watching Emmanuel TV, who have been set free from demonic oppression and now have peace and joy in their lives. Such experiences need to be told!

In essence, I believe the world needs to hear what God is doing through this ministry! Why? So that His name is glorified, His fame is spread and people with similar problems may just stumble across this blog and discover there is solution in Jesus Christ

If you have been healed, delivered, blessed – or just seen changes in your life and improvement in your faith since watching Emmanuel TV, visiting SCOAN and being involved in this ministry, I would love to hear from you!

Please get in contact on tbj.testimonies@gmail.com and share with the world what God has done (and is doing) in your life through this wonderful ministry!

And for the records, this is NOT an official blog of SCOAN, but entirely my own initiative. The SCOAN’s blog is thetbjoshuafanclub.wordpress.com

So, let the testimonies begin… !


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