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Incredible Healing Testimony

Here is an incredible healing testimony of Mr Onyeka Nnaji who was facing the prospects of amputation due to a cancerous sore that had eaten up almost his entire leg. After prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua at The SCOAN, he was healed in Jesus’ name and came back with an incredible testimony, healed!

Leg Ulcer Before

Onyeka Nnaji before prayer at The SCOAN

Leg Ulcer After Prayer

Onyeka Nnaji healed after prayer from T.B. Joshua

If you have a testimony to share concerning the powerful move of God at The SCOAN, please share it with the world via this blog, to the glory of God!

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Anointing Water Testimony

God can use any medium to express Himself. One such medium I have personally seen remarkable results through is the Anointing Water from The SCOAN, water that is prayed for by T.B. Joshua and used by God to bring healing, deliverance and freedom to the lives of literally thousands.

The New Anointing Water

The New Anointing Water, recently shown on Emmanuel TV

Here is a testimony, originally published in the Daily Independent of Nigeria and republished on All Africa, a provider of African news and information for a global audience. It is the touching case of a young boy who was condemned to feed through a pipe for the rest of his life after a freak accident involving acid, and his remarkable healing at The SCOAN through the Anointing Water…

For boisterous four-year-old Joshua Nosike, that day had started as any other. Like most kids of his age, he was curious and playful, getting into mischief and was inquisitive about almost everything.

This, however, proved dangerous and life-threatening for the lad on that fateful day as he got hold of an acid bottle. It was left to be imagined the searing and burning pain Joshua experienced as he drank the toxic liquid and his father had to rush him, in that state of agony, to a hospital where Joshua spent the next six weeks.

According to Joshua’s father, Nosike, when the boy drank the acid, his throat became blocked and he could no longer breathe properly. His oesophagus was also severally damaged. The next tortuous weeks were spent searching for a solution, but the only option the Nosikes were left with was surgery that did not promise much hope. After six weeks in hospital, Joshua was sent home with a tube inserted through his nose into his stomach, the only avenue left for the boy to feed.

The Nosikes chose not to go for the main operation but rather, desperate for a way out, decided to take Joshua to The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) having watched the miracles that took place in the church on Emmanuel TV.

Mrs. Nosike demonstrated to the church the painstaking way they had to feed Joshua through the large spiral tube that covered a large section of her son’s face. She filled a syringe with liquid and slowly lifted the opening of the tube so as not to inflict too much discomfort on the boy.

She then emptied the contents of the syringe into the tube so that Joshua could “eat.” This method of eating would surely have a negative effect on the growing boy in the long term. The pain that both the boy and his parents felt was unbearable. And so, to SCOAN, they headed.

Joshua Nosike

Joshua Nosike before prayer at The SCOAN

At the SCOAN, on seeing the founder of the church, Prophet T. B. Joshua, Nosike, shouted his anguish, wailing: “Please help us, my son drank acid and can no longer feed through his mouth. Please help us! He can only feed through this hose (tube) they have connected through his nose. Please, man of God helps me!”

Joshua stopped and asked: “What happened to him?” The father explained that the boy drank acid and showed the tube that he was being fed through. “Don’t worry; I will spray the anointing water. He will start eating through his mouth now. The Lord will operate on his entrance,” he assured the depressed Nosikes.The prophet then sprayed the anointing water into Joshua’s mouth and nose, calling the name of Jesus Christ. He continued the exercise, tracing the line of Joshua’s damaged oesophagus.

As the process continued, the little boy reacted in some ways and the prophet stopped. “Go and give him food. He will eat through his mouth, as the boys had been healed and made whole,” T. B. Joshua advised the boy’s bewildered parents. He warned them not to remove the tube themselves, but to have it removed at the hospital. He, however, assured them that the boy would eat through his mouth that day.

As the boy began to look more lively and healthy, his ecstatic parents rushed some custard to him. And to everyone’s surprise, he eagerly ate the meal through his mouth, without complaints right in the midst of the congregation. He even asked his mum for more. When recently the family went back to SCOAN to formally testify to the incredible miracle, the little boy had regained his health and the tube had been removed by the doctors at the hospital.

TB Joshua ministering the Anointing Water

TB Joshua praying for Joshua with the Anointing Water

During an interview with Prophet Joshua, he said the anointing water is merely a symbol. “It is not the water itself that heals but our Lord Jesus Christ, since the anointing is done in His name,” he said. Citing the book of Acts, he said God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.

Joshua Nosike healed

Joshua Nosike healed!

In those scriptural verses, “God used Paul to bless aprons and handkerchiefs. It was not Paul that worked those miracles. God wrought them by the hand of Paul. God can use any medium to express himself. On this occasion, the medium used was water. The secret of all the miracles is Jesus Christ,” Joshua explained.

SOURCE: All Africa

The clip of this wonderful miracle is actually on YouTube. Have a watch!

If you have an Anointing Water testimony, or any testimony from this wonderful ministry, please share it with us and let God be glorified! Thanks and God bless.


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Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen Testimony: Rugby Star Healed At The SCOAN

Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen is a successful South African rugby player, currently playing for the Vodacom Bulls, who has won many accolades for both his club and country. His career has taken him to three different continents, playing for the Leicester Tigers in UK, the NEC Green Rockets in Japan and numerous South African clubs. However, his career almost came to an abrupt end in 2000 when he ruptured his posterior cruciate ligament during a match.

Here is the story of Jaco’s remarkable recovery following a trip to The SCOAN to receive prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, as found in The Observer Newspaper, UK.

When serious injury threatened to end his rugby career, the tough Afrikaner, Jaco van der Westhuyzen, turned to the only man who could save him: a Nigerian faith healer

Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen

Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen with teammate

“Sure, I believe in miracles. I’ve seen them with my own eyes. From an early age I was very religious. Both my parents were Dutch Reformed Christians. But it was not until 2000 that faith healing and TB Joshua, the Nigerian they call ‘the Prophet’, came into my life. I had just broken into the Springbok team when I ruptured my posterior cruciate ligament playing against Western Province one Sunday in August 2000. The doctor took X-rays and said I needed to have an operation that Wednesday. I was really down, because I desperately wanted to go on the end-of-year Bok tour.

“Here I must give credit to my wife. Her family are charismatic Christians, which means they stand up in church, clapping and singing. She, or rather her brother, had shown me this video of the Nigerian faith healer TB Joshua. I saw all the miracles he performed, such as curing people with HIV, freeing people from their wheelchairs, healing those with cancer. My wife said to me: ‘You’re pretty religious. Your faith is strong. I think you should give it a go.’ I was sceptical at first and I wasn’t too sure about the miracles. I read about them in the Bible but I thought: ‘Can this be true?’ Still, I decided not to have the operation and to take a leap of faith instead.

Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen

Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen in action

“Our church group landed in Lagos on a Sunday. We drove for about 45 minutes before coming to a very basic church site – 10 people to a wooden bench. It was just phenomenal to see how primitive Christianity can be while at the same time remaining so powerful. At each service, there are between 10,000 and 20,000 people, mainly poor blacks. Their riches are their faith. At five o’clock in the morning, there are 3,000 people queueing outside the church gates to get the best seats.

“For the first few days we had discussions with the disciples and talked about religion and its power. Then, on the Saturday, ‘the Prophet’ came out and delivered his message to the congregation, even though there were people in the church, scared of his powers, who wanted to kill him. It was a real eye-opener. But these doubters could not get near him. He said to us: ‘There’s somebody here who wants to kill me.’ If the guy does not come forward, the Prophet will identify him and the person ends up confessing to what he was planning.

“Towards the end of the service about 300 of us gathered in what they call the ‘healing line’. The Prophet walked down the line, identifying illnesses. When he came to me, he said I should remove my leg brace. He looked at me and it was like he had x-ray vision, like he could see immediately what was wrong with my knee. Moving his hands around as if he was tugging a rope, he seemed to pull out all the dirt and other stuff that was in my knee. Then he said to me: ‘Stand up and run.’ The brace had been on for weeks and running should have been impossible. Well, I trusted my faith and started to run – and at full speed. There was no pain.

“Back home I had another x-ray, and it showed the ligament was fine. The doctor could not believe or explain it. News of what happened started to spread and the wife of Ruben Kruger, the former Bok and Blue Bulls flanker, called me. Ruben had a brain tumour and his wife wanted me to take him to see TB Joshua. We went back to Lagos, Ruben’s brain tumour was healed and he has had no more symptoms since then.


Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen scoring a try

“All the time, TB Joshua stressed that it was not him doing the healing, but the Holy Spirit operating through him. And we did not have to pay for anything, not even food. He even gives people money to buy plane tickets. He did that with me. Another Bulls and Bok player, the young lock Wium Basson, had developed terminal cancer and also went to see the Prophet. But he died soon after coming back to South Africa. You know, initially when I went to see TB Joshua it was for a quick fix, to make the Bok tour. Maybe Wium felt the same. I know for certain that he did not know the Lord as well as he should have at that time. If your faith is not right, the Lord will tell TB Joshua not to heal you. But Wium did make peace with God in Nigeria and that, for me, was the miracle. In going to see the Prophet, he probably saved himself from going somewhere else when he died. Luckily in South Africa religion is important; we often pray before matches. Most of my team-mates were not too sceptical about the faith healing. A few of the guys did give me some stick, teased me, but, really, I did not mind. I knew truthfully what had happened to me out there.

“Back home, and I think here in Britain, too, religion can become too commercialised. Often it’s not something you really believe in: it’s just something that’s there, that you do to make you feel good. I think it would be good for faith to play a bigger role in rugby, where there is a stigma that players are merely hard blokes without feelings.

Vodacom Bulls Training Session

Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen training for the Vodacom Bulls

“Was it strange for a white Afrikaner to seek help from a black Nigerian faith healer? I think the older generation, such as my grandparents, would have found it very difficult to fathom. But for me a person is a person and everyone has a soul. Whether you are black, white, brown or yellow we are all the same in that respect. I never thought of TB Joshua as a lesser person than me. In fact, I envy him because he has such a deep, meaningful relationship with God.

“Now I’d love to go back to Nigeria and get my spiritual batteries recharged. During the weeks we were there you could feel the presence of the Lord the whole time, even as we slept. Whenever I hit a bad patch in rugby or my life, I just think back and remember what that was like. The big thing I’ve learnt is that this life is just a dress rehearsal for what’s to come.”


Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen in action for the Springboks

The life facts

Jaco Nicolaas Boshoff van der Westhuyzen was born in Nelspruit on 6 April 1978. A boy wonder, he made his Super 12 debut at fly-half for the Natal Sharks in 1997, at the age of 19, and won an international call-up against New Zealand three years later. He has since worn the Bok jersey eight times and played at full-back against England and the All Blacks in the 2003 World Cup. Last year’s South African Super 12 player of the season joined Leicester Tigers for their 2003-04 campaign.

SOURCE: The Observer, UK

Further Information:

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Saved From Death Through Emmanuel TV

The first testimony from a reader of this blog has come in! Precious testified to how her young son was miraculously healed whilst in a a life-threatening situation in hospital after she prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Praise God!

“My son was very ill last year. The baby was about to die and was put on drip (2ltr) at the age of six months. The doctors had said there was little hope of his survival. During a healing session with the man of God on Emmanuel TV, he said, ‘Please viewers all over the world, touch the screen and believe Jesus will heal you because distance is not a barrier’. I touched the screen while the baby was in the hospital. When I went for the morning visit the following day, the baby was improving but while on drip. He was discharged two days later, kicking as usual. Praise God!” – Precious

We thank God for your life Precious and that of your son. Keep sharing this awesome testimony to let the world know that with God, all things are possible!

Please spread the word! If you have a testimony to share concerning this ministry, or you know someone who does – don’t keep it to yourself! Send in your testimony and glorify God for what HE has done and is doing in your life.

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HIV/ AIDs Healing Testimony

On The SCOAN’s official blog, there is also a section for people to share their testimonies. On there, I read this wonderful testimony of a woman healed from the deadly disease of HIV/ AIDs after visiting The SCOAN.

Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuel! Indeed God is with us. I visited the Synagogue Church of all Nations in December 2007 after I was diagonised HIV Positive. I had never heard about the man of God TB Joshua then, and after the diagnosis, I was so hopeless and thought that was the end of me. I prayed to God to have mercy on me and to deliver me from the deadly desease, and something inside me told me there had to be a solution to my problem.

One night I was watching one of the christian channels on TV and thats when I saw Prophet TB Joshua preaching. I got interested and after his preaching watched the healing and deliverance. From that time I got excited and I knew there was hope for me. I followed his preachings and would visit the website regularly until I made up my mind to get to The SCOAN. When I got there, I was so blessed! I was prayed for on Sunday together with a lot of other people with various afflictions.

From that moment until today, I live a very healthy life! I have never suffered any symptom and neither have I taken any medication. Before I went to The Synagogue, the doctor had told me that my immunity was very low and that I had to commence medication for the rest of my life in a few weeks.

I have gained my weight back – almost twice as I used to weigh! I thank God for what He has done in my life and the life of Prophet TB Joshua. My prayer is that God will give me the grace to sin no more and to maintain my healing and just glorify his name forever more. To God be all the glory!

SOURCE: Testimonies Section On SCOAN Blog

For those who are skeptical (which is understandable if you have not seen what happens in SCOAN for yourself on Emmanuel TV), I also found these pictures on the blog showing a woman, Mrs Motunrayo Sowemimo, with medical reports detailing her condition before and after prayer. The medical report from The Federal Ministry of Health in Lagos shows her condition on 15th June 2010 to be HIV/ AIDs positive, then following prayer at The SCOAN, the same hospital confirmed her to be negative to HIV three months later on 22nd September 2010. Zoom in on the medical reports to check them out yourself.

HIV AIDs healing at The SCOAN

Mrs Motunrayo Sowemimo before prayer at The SCOAN

HIV/ AID's healing

Wise Man John Chi prays for Mrs Motunrayo Sowemimo at The SCOAN

HIV AIDs healing

Mrs Motunrayo Sowemimo after prayer at The SCOAN with her medical reports

HIV AIDs Healing Testimony

Medical reports showing Mrs Sowemimo's condition before and after prayer

Please share your testimony with us concerning how the ministry of Emmanuel TV and T.B. Joshua has changed your life! As you share your testimony, many people reading will be encouraged to seek solution to their own problems in the name of Jesus Christ!


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Emmanuel TV Miracle In Harare, Zimbabwe

The following is an excerpt from an article by Grace Mutandwa, an acclaimed Zimbabwean journalist writing for the Financial Gazette in Zimbabwe. She explains how a friend of hers was miraculously healed through watching Emmanuel TV:

Two weeks ago I went to visit a friend who had been injured in a road accident in 2008. Doctors said she would never walk again. Her pelvic bone was out of kilter and she needed the help of a pelvic surgeon and we have none in Zimbabwe. She found one in Nottingham in Britain but he was unsure he could help her after looking at her X-rays.

Last year this young woman was watching the man of God, TB Joshua, on Emmanuel TV, when there was a prayer session for all afflictions or problems. She was bed-ridden but needed to stretch out her hand and touch the TV screen while praying.

A friend looking after her suggested they form a chain of stretched hands to reach the screen, which they did and started praying. A day later she was able to walk with crutches, which confounded her doctor. He ordered fresh X-rays. She could walk but her pelvis was still out of kilter and scientifically there was no way she could walk.

On the day I went to see her, she was leaving Harare for Lagos, Nigeria to go to TB Joshua’s Synagogue and prayer mountain. She is a young woman of great faith. She has been strong and remained cheerful when the chips were down.

She came back home last Thursday and is walking with no crutches and has a very slight limp and expects to be fully healed in a month. I spent some time with her Monday afternoon and saw a steady stream of friends and relatives coming to witness a miracle. I wish you the miracle of waking up everyday and lifelong serenity. May love continue to be the compass of your being.

SOURCE: The Financial Gazette, Zimbabwe

Have you been healed through watching Emmanuel TV? Share your testimony with us. You can submit your testimony here or email for your faith-building story to be published on this blog.


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TB Joshua Healing: The Lump In My Left Lung Disappeared

I discovered this amazing testimony from 2006 when Prophet T.B. Joshua visited Singapore for a crusade. It was actually on the ‘Church Of Our Saviour’ website. I believe you will be encouraged as you read!

ON 25 NOVEMBER 2006, my family and I went to the doctor to discuss my recent pre-employment chest X-ray report. To our disappointment, the doctor wanted another X-ray done because the report from the first X-ray found a 1.5 cm lump in my left lung.The second X-ray proved the first one right. The report also suggested a further CT scan. The doctor explained that this was to rule out cancer and lymphoma. At the same time, the new company that I was supposed to start work in two days time, requested me to have a clean bill of health before giving confirmation to hire me. This meant that if the third scan were to suggest any lump, I would lose my new job anytime. I was not holding a job having left my ex-company. Being the sole breadwinner in the family, I needed to secure a regular salary but the onset of this issue affected us deeply.

TB Joshua At The Singapore Crusade

TB Joshua At The Singapore Crusade, 2006

During that weekend, my wife and I prayed fervently and requested church friends and relatives to keep us in prayer. Their support and encouragement keep us at peace. It was a blessing too, that on 26 November 2006, Prophet T.B Joshua was at our church. We were there and were very encouraged by the Prophet’s anointing by God. This was the first time I witnessed God healing people so directly. Through the videos shown, (i.e. a crippled man completely healed and a heart attack person who died and through prayer was resurrected) I was very inspired and had a sudden eagerness to witness a live miracle healing. Though seated in the overspill area, I sneaked into the auditorium and saw many being healed.

My faith was boosted seeing these miracles! I prayed to God to let me touch Prophet T.B Joshua. I knew I would be healed completely as Jesus’ anointing in him will have the power to heal me. Due to the large crowd, I thought I might not be able to approach him near enough to touch him but in my spirit I persisted in prayer for a breakthrough. The breakthrough came when the man of God was on the way to his car and I was there. Before he went off he stopped to pray for a wheelchair bound child. As he turned toward the child I could sense this was the opportunity for me to touch him on his back. Praise the Lord, I touched Jesus there and then and in my heart I knew I was healed – “By His stripes, He has healed me”.

Later on at home, my wife suggested that I could also lay hands on myself and be healed. I did just that and interestingly, I felt the sensation of something dissolving inside my lung. She shared that while she was in church, the Lord impressed on her that “Those who seek Him will not be disappointed.” She had great faith over my healing. On 30 November 2006, I went for the third scan. During the wait to get my result, God impressed in my heart to focus my life towards Him instead of using my own strength and effort for results to happen. This verse came to mind: “ All things are possible with the power of God and His word of life”. With this prompting I handed over the worldly burden of my career, relationship, finance and health to God. Seven days later, we received the good news that the lump was completely gone! The doctor could not give us an explanation towards the initial X-rays done but assured that I am completely well, with no lumps! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

TB Joshua Prayer

TB Joshua praying for healing at The SCOAN prayer line

I thank our Lord Jesus for prompting me to write this testimony, as I believe He wants me to share this good news to those who need encouragement, to know that “God Never Fails”. When you seek first His kingdom and righteousness, all these things (including good health) shall be added onto you. I want to thank my family members and church friends who have prayed for me in times of need. God bless all of you.

Vincent Chuah

SOURCE: Church Of Our Saviour – Saviour’s Times

God is good! Once again, we want to hear your testimonies! Email and share what God has done for you through His servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua.


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Healed From Sickle Cell Anaemia Through Emmanuel TV

Emmanuel TV is a really powerful television station that God is using to heal people worldwide. The following testimony is one I found on the Emmanuel TV Website. I know many people out there have similar testimonies to share. Please don’t keep them to yourself! Let your light shine before men and tell the world what He is doing in your life! Email  or submit your testimony here and I will publish testimonies on this blog, for the glory of God. In any case, enjoy this one…


As Ayodele rushed into hospital, breathing fast and heart beating frantically, he could only pray that his daughter would pull through. Sickness ravaged her system and doctors labelled her condition as critical. This was not his first visit to hospital, and it wasn’t to be his last. Titilayo had sickle cell anaemia, an incurable and debilitating disease that had plagued her since childhood. Hospital to hospital, drug to drug, desperation to desperation – there seemed no way out. That was until one remarkable Sunday. There was light at the end of the tunnel.

“On Sunday at about 4pm, I was watching Emmanuel TV with my family and Prophet T.B. Joshua was healing and delivering people. He said while he was praying that he wanted everyone under the influence of the telecast to stretch their hands towards the screen – that distance is not a barrier, and he began to pray. Me and my family, especially my daughter Titilay0, whom we asked to place her head on the screen at the same point Prophet T.B. Joshua stretched his hand, prayed with him in faith.

“The next day, Monday, I took my daughter to a medical laboratory for a genotype test. My mind kept telling me to go and test her, that she is healed. I was so surprised when the nurse gave me the result and I saw that it was AA genotype! I asked the nurse if the test was done properly, and she was shocked and slightly embarassed by the question! I immediately realised that God had done it – because this same laboratory had carried out the test on my daughter, Titilayo, before and the result was at then SS genotype. But I did not stop there. I proceeded to another laboratory, and after the test the result was again AA genotype! Praise the LORD! My faith is greatly increased and this has made me believe the man of God’s slogan, ‘The best is yet to come.’ Titilayo, my daughter, is nine years old.”

Hopes of a bright future without the stigma of such a sickness has been restored for Titilayo. Indeed, the best is yet to come!

SOURCE: Emmanuel TV Testimonies

Praise God!

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Emmanuel TV Testimony: I Felt Electrified!

In the coming months, I will be bringing many testimonies from viewers of Emmanuel TV. Here is the first, a testimony from the Emmanuel TV Website!

Looking tentatively at his arm, Rodreck became increasingly concerned. Where did this abscess come from? Would the swelling ever stop? The pains were great and fears of tomorrow filled the young Zimbabweans thoughts. However, in a simple act of obedience the following Sunday, those fears were replaced with a strong faith!

“I am one of your millions of viewers across the globe. I had a growing abscess on my left arm. During the live service, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked viewers to touch the screens of their televisions and pray with him. I did so and as I was touching the screen, I felt electrified in my entire body. Immediately afterwards, the pains in my arm began to grow faint. The following day, the swelling was less and by the third day, it had completely gone!”

Such electricity was the resurrection power of Jesus flowing into Rodreck’s body. When the power of God is present, healing is like breathing!

SOURCE: Emmanuel TV Website

If you have a testimony from viewing Emmanuel TV, it would be wonderful to hear from you! Share your testimony with the world! You can email me your testimony for publication on this blog on or submit them here.

God bless!

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Let The Testimonies Begin!

Greetings blogosphere!

First and foremost, a quick introduction to who I am and what I want to acheive with this blog.

Well… I am a young man, brought up in a Christian home in South Africa. I was a regular church-goer, but soon saw that it was mostly tradition and convention. Sure, there were nice ‘feel-good’ sermons. There were great times of moving praise and worship. I met some great people who became good friends.  But no power. No miracles. No testimonies. Just formality.

I soon became disillusioned and grew distant from the church. What I read in the Bible seemed so different to what I was seeing week-in week-out on Sunday. My heart ached.

Then, one fateful day, I stumbled across a television station that soon changed everything. Emmanuel TV. It’s a television station from Nigeria (of all places!), showing the work of God through a man called T.B. Joshua, and his ministry The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN for short).

I was pretty skeptical at first. It was just so surreal. The demon possessed being delivered and manifesting wildly. Pin point prophecies to people revealing extraordinary details about their lives. The sick and afflicted falling under the power of God and rising up well and healed. But in spite of the odd dodgy english, some cheesy editting and frequent repeated programs, what I saw gripped me. It was if the desires of my heart found a resting place. It’s actually difficult to explain, but what I read in the Gospels of Jesus and the Book of Acts were happening before my eyes.

To cut a long story short… – my life has been remarkably changed ever since I started watching Emmanuel TV some time last year. My faith in Christ is soaring. My commitment and resolve to serve Him is stronger than ever. And I am a living witness that Jesus Christ is alive and Hebrews 13:8 is a reality. This is real!

So, why this blog?

Well, in the course of my discussion with people, I have witnessed what I would call a ‘marmite effect’, probably due to the unsavoury rumours people have heard online. People seem to either love this ministry or hate it with a passion!  I have read all sorts of uncomplimentary stories online, but my own experience counter them. And my own testimony mirrors countless others whom I have watched on Emmanuel TV and spoken with in the course of sharing my own.

So,  I want to give people the opportunity to share their testimonies. To tell the world their stories. I have met people who have been healed from incurable diseases just through watching Emmanuel TV, who have been set free from demonic oppression and now have peace and joy in their lives. Such experiences need to be told!

In essence, I believe the world needs to hear what God is doing through this ministry! Why? So that His name is glorified, His fame is spread and people with similar problems may just stumble across this blog and discover there is solution in Jesus Christ

If you have been healed, delivered, blessed – or just seen changes in your life and improvement in your faith since watching Emmanuel TV, visiting SCOAN and being involved in this ministry, I would love to hear from you!

Please get in contact on and share with the world what God has done (and is doing) in your life through this wonderful ministry!

And for the records, this is NOT an official blog of SCOAN, but entirely my own initiative. The SCOAN’s blog is

So, let the testimonies begin… !

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